Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 72.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 72. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:59While working on a tour and travel url what points should be remember to get leads and hike your keywords?
00:08:40My Google WebMaster Tools data is for my account.
00:10:25Screaming frog has a filter on `page titles` for less than 30 characters.
00:10:32302 and rel=canonical question.
00:14:02How to preserve the value of an old domain when building a new website.
00:21:41Is blog commenting a effective SEO method?
00:22:23I am working on a website but its keywords are not improving.
00:27:47Ranking a site with an ongoing links warning.
00:36:34A question on HTML5 microdata.
00:41:13What is the desired skill set for an SEO executive, Junior or Senior?
00:43:41We are removing training from our services permanently.
00:48:22Is content curation an effective strategy?
00:53:12More links to your website, or original content? Which one is better for better page ranking?
00:59:24How important is the consistent phone number across the web on citations for Google local maps listing?
01:02:49What is the role of Google analytics in boosting site traffic?
01:04:16Creating multiple websites using very similar EMDs. Safe or not?
01:08:22Is there a negative impact on ranking from changing Google/Authorship photo?
01:11:31How long will it will take for changes to be reflected?
01:13:02Does randomly displayed content on a webpage make search engines think it is regularly maintained? 5
01:17:35Can you recommend a good SEO training membership site?
01:19:41How do you tell Google and other search engines that you do not want to appear in search?
01:22:26Does this help or hurt a site?
01:24:57Is there a way to point a domain name to a Google+ page?
01:30:31What is the future of SEO?
01:30:53Would a Site redesign have an effect on SEO?
01:33:42What is considered a "bad link"?
01:37:22Do you guys allow the search bots follow links to your social media pages or do you put nofollows on them?
01:44:55"I just sat in on a Google Hangout with one of the Google staff members"
01:50:46Does it make a difference to search engines if a domain is a .jp or a co.jp?
01:51:36How do search engines know what users are doing on a website?5
01:54:48What is exact matched keyword?
02:00:31Where do I stop with Schema?2.3
02:06:35How is a site that restricts access to most of their content appear at the top of the serps?
02:12:40Under the schema, would you call booking a flight a product or an article?
02:16:46I`ve noticed that in Webmaster tools data highlighter Google has an option in articles for "category".
02:18:46What is your preferred method to do comprehensive keyword research for a client?
02:22:22I`m in the process of changing from flash to HTML on the same domain.
02:27:15Seemingly overnight I went from spot A for "carpet cleaning Windsor" to G or lower.
02:28:32Is it possible to make SEO Reports in your own language without english terms?
02:31:05Hi all, just a quick web-analytics question.