Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 281

Thursday, April 5, 2018

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 281 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:32Organic traffic dropped around 40% compared to last year0
00:10:58If you`ve website of Wallpapers then what would you do for its OFF-Page SEO?0
00:12:23Please share some of your proven methods to increase website traffic0
00:18:09Would you consider blog commenting to be a form of SEO?0
00:20:03Is keeping the url short better for user experience?0
00:22:40Is it ok if all the pages in your website contain a link pointing to the main page?0
00:27:29When we change the theme, does it affect to our current rankings?0
00:30:01Is it an unsubstantiated myth, or true, that reciprocal links do not help?0
00:35:08A website is on page one of Safari, but page four on IE0
00:36:51Interlinking to spread link equity to my best pages0
00:41:28SEO for Google Play and iTunes app pages0
00:43:32Dynamically add product schema to an ecommerce site`s products0
00:44:34How can reach my target audience more effectively?0
00:48:13Does using the Cross Domain Rel=Canonical boost ranking?0
00:51:34I have a very large website and it needs a lot of sitemaps0
00:53:16I have a site that has facets in the sitemaps0
00:56:23Recommended way to treat a multilingual website0
00:57:55Google search results continue to flag my pages as "not mobile friendly"0
01:00:09How do you create a link for people to leave reviews on your GMB?0
01:02:11Will changing the design affect my position on Search engines?0
01:10:03What is the best non-complicated process to switch CMS without affecting any current rankings?0
01:13:00The hours section on GMB0
01:14:19Only 2 of my 64 blog post is indexed by google, what should I do?0
01:18:24To optimise or not to optimise? This one goes to all the SEOs out there0
01:27:21Are meta `keywords` tag still useful?0
01:29:29How does Google detect if a website satisfy user needs?0
01:32:27Spammy looking url that`s not part of my site0
01:34:08Https running alongside http pages0
01:41:12Are "Unnatural links to your site" manual actions now a thing of the past?0
01:42:37Getting Google to crawl a page you do not own or control0
01:44:33How can we benefit from links to images?0
01:49:33Breadcrumbs. How important are they?0
01:53:48Are back links really important in today`s seo?0
01:54:54After adding a meta tag description my ranking have fallen0