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Please share some of your proven methods to increase website traffic

Please share some of your Proven methods to increase website traffic if you are writting blogs on which site do you post them (medium, ezine article) do you still coment on blog posts. How about reddit and quora can they bring visitors on the site. Everyone in the industry says content is the key, still I cant find the right place to start. Help anyone

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  • Antonio Tourino: I get a LOT of traffic from Pinterest, however it`s dependent on your niche
  • Travis Bailey: If the site is a winery, there`s a ton of legit winery related directories. There`s also perhaps local and regional tourism sites. When it comes to wine, there`s a lot that can happen.Reddit may be a good place to drum up a little traffic. But you`ll...Lihat Lainnya
  • Travis Bailey: No problem. And remember, once you find a good site, use the related: operator in Google search. (usage: related:somesite dot com) So you can cast a wider net, but you`ll go down a few rabbit holes. But you`ll probably find more opportunities, than dead ends.
  • Travis Bailey: Just a little spirit of the stairs. If you can find travel, food, or business bloggers in the area - those are good prospects. Also, from an amplification sort of view, don`t discount product placement with various Instagram profiles. I personally hate the medium, but it`s Pinterest`s way more materialistic cousin.
  • Александра Стојановска: Travis Bailey You`ve provide so much valuable information, thanks for your feedback it means a lot.Thank you for getting back to me.
  • Marc Samson: Since Quora was mentioned, look into the top pages that are ranking in quora related to the business. Tools like SEMRush can help. From there, you can add answers to those performing quora pages with questions relevant to you. Example: https://www.quora.com/Which-is-healthier-a-glass-of-white...Top answer got 3.6k views so far. Find these pages and you should get some additional traffic (depending on the intent of the query that is.

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