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Only 2 of my 64 blog post is indexed by google, what should I do?

Please help me only 2 of my 64 blog post is indexed by google, the rest are not what should I do?

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  • Hemant Bhoi: Add sitemap in Google search console
  • Enato Dare Abumere: I have already done that
  • Michael Martinez: If you are using "noindex" on category pages (and you have more than one category), you should not do that. If you are using "nofollow" attributes on internal links, you should not do that.
  • Enato Dare Abumere: I used noindex in Archive and search pages could it be the reason?
  • Michael Martinez: Enato Dare Abumere I would remove it from the archive pages but I wouldn`t assume that is the reason. There could be several things preventing the site from being indexed. Also, make sure you`re not accidentally blocking robots from crawling the site. People sometimes do that temporarily and forget to update the robots settings.
  • Travis Bailey: Honestly, the only way you`re going to get some kind of actual help is if you post the domain. I`ve already seen the Facebook page - you left a review for, what I presume is, a female`s salon. At that point, I see a lot of issues - likely self-caused.
  • Enato Dare Abumere: Enatdigitalbiz.com.ng
  • Michael Martinez: Enato Dare Abumere It looks to me like Google is indexing your content.
  • Enato Dare Abumere: I used noindex on Archive and Search pages, should I leave it that way?
  • Enato Dare Abumere: Last night I resubmitted 10 URL for indexing
  • Dave Elliott: btw: i get nothing but your background image when viewing your site in chrome. I agree with Micheal though, looks like everything is indexed if you do a search for site:Enatdigitalbiz.com.ng
  • Enato Dare Abumere: i`m using chrome now and every things is working fine at my end
  • Dave Elliott: Enato Dare Abumere its fine when i look in incognito mode, so one of my plugins must be blocking it. :)
  • Michael Martinez: It`s the ad blockers. I had to disable them in my browser to see the site. Probably doesn`t affect indexing or ranking.
  • Enato Dare Abumere: Okay thanks
  • James Fuller: Have you submitted the direct links in search console. I think you can submit up to 10 or more per day. They are usually indexed within 24 hours of submitting.
  • Enato Dare Abumere: Yes I`ve done that
  • Durai Selvan: Check about noindex, Nofollow attribute also check for duplicate content issue

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