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Is it ok if all the pages in your website contain a link pointing to the main page?

Is it ok if all the pages/articles in your website contain a link in the body pointing to the main page you want to rank on that site? WOuld be that considered SPAM by Google or is it beneficial? Lets suppose is OK to do it, then what percentaje of anchors should contain the main keyword? Im talking about internal links only.
Im affraid you can do SPAM to yourself with your internal linking even if its only one LINK in every article with the same anchor.

Thats something i´ve been asking myself long time and im frustrated i cant find a good answer on the net. Lets see the opinions of the experts

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  • Nathan Veenstra: If you are already asking this yourself, saying "Im affraid you can do SPAM to yourself with your internal linking even if its only one LINK in every article with the same anchor.", you have just answered your own question.
  • Neeraj Kumar: I think, in this case, if you can justify the relationship and relevance of the anchor text and the link with that page, it will be considered ok. But it is almost impossible...
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: im asking that myself but im not an expert, im trying to put one link in everypage to my important page, but i try to do it in a natural way, but the result is that i have a bunch of articles linking to the same web with the same main keyword i dont know if its good or bad
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: recently ive tried to change the anchors to put variations and 2 days after i dropped 10 positions, but it might be not related
  • Nathan Veenstra: It`s really not that hard people. If you already wonder whether to do it, it means it`s not natural. The rule to follow is: is it helpful to my visitors?
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: Nathan Veenstra In my articles im providing very useful information about my niche, at the end of the article if the user wants to know more about the topic, i always provide a link to my page of services (with the anchor of my main keyword). I dont know if thats considered SPAM? I genuely believe "its helpful to my visitors" Besides Im doing that on my own website. But GOOGLE might think differenlty.
  • Nathan Veenstra: As said: (how) does it help your visitors? It`s not just about the keywords. I personally don`t favour mentioning your services in or at the end of your articles. Is it always necessary? Is there an urgency you will help me with or is it just promoti...Lihat Lainnya
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: Nathan Veenstra Lets say you´re right. I shouldnt advertise my services with a link at the end of my articles. Then i should take out all those links pointing to my service page. And after what? Im affraid that might result in a drop of rankings catastrophic (or maybe not). But we are talking about my business which is making my income for living.
  • Neeraj Kumar: Josu Sánchez Arnalda then do put the link in the body, but rephrase the anchor text making it relevant and related to the service page. if I am SEO consultant an...Lihat Lainnya
  • Mike Marzano: Nonsense. There`s a massive difference between giving endorsement via dofollow link when pretending to be a third party - and linking to a page of your own site. There`s no rule of `if you`re asking then it`s wrong` ... these people are so terrified of Google they seem to have forgotten that they own their websites and not Google.
  • Mike Marzano: As for `is it good for the users` ... don`t swallow marketing bullshit - there isn`t a single company on the planet who prioritizes customer satisfaction over profitability. If you don`t make even the slightest attempt to monetize your website how are you going to pay your rent (while Google makes trillions of dollars).
  • Michael Martinez: It`s not spam but if the link is outside your main navigation (and maybe even in the main navigation) then it will have less positive impact than you hope for. A few years back former Googler Matt Cutts said that for many things, there is a cut off or...Lihat Lainnya
  • Jennifer Mathews: The best non-spammy way to do this is to match it with URL hierarchy. Like subdirectories pointing back to home, and subpages pointing back to subdirectory main page. Making sure that all are relevant and the links back make sense. Don`t just link the ...Lihat Lainnya
  • Sarah Taher: It’s not an issue in my opinion
  • Dave Elliott: If it`s a relevant page then do it. I`d be surprised if you can come up with a genuine reason to link to the same page from every other page, but as long as it doesn`t read badly I can`t see it being an issue.
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: i attach a picture about the way im doing it in every article: i attach a photo and the button is the link of my service. It might be a dumb question, but is that considered spam? im doing it in my own articles!
  • Jennifer Mathews: If you are using the same content chunk with the link it will most likely get picked up as similar content and just not given any value.
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: no, the text around is always diffferent
  • Jennifer Mathews: Josu Sánchez Arnalda if it`s every page, that could be getting a little spammy, but if the links are all relevant to the user and content than should be Ok. I would keep an eye on them. Maybe test taking some or all off for a few months and see what your rankings do. You`d have to not do any work during that time to get a good solid feel for whether it makes a difference though.

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