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Getting Google to crawl a page you do not own or control

Anyone have any suggestions for getting Google to crawl a page you do not own or control, so can`t submit to Google Search Console?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • David Kutcher: Share it on Google+ or via the Google url shortener.
  • Tina Willis: Hi David Kutcher!! Thank you!! This is what I`ve been doing (G plus). I wasn`t sure it worked. How do you know this works? I know you know just curious bc I don`t totally understand. I`ve seen some competitors with long lists of links on weird pages. Do you know why? I thought this might be it.
  • David Kutcher: Don`t ask me to explain their flawed logic
  • Michael Martinez: Link to the page.
  • David Kutcher: That will wait until Google recrawls your page
  • Michael Martinez: David Kutcher But it will be crawled more than once.
  • Tina Willis: I don`t want to link bc I don`t want reciprocal links. Isn`t that right? Or am I missing something?
  • Michael Martinez: Tina Willis Reciprocal linking is only a problem when it`s systematic and scaled. Link farms went out of style over a decade ago. It`s okay to reciprocate for a non-SEO reason.
  • Tina Willis: Michael Martinez this is for an SEO reason.
  • Tina Willis: reason is for google to more quickly crawl links to our site.
  • Michael Martinez: Tina Willis Okay, to get it crawled (for SEO) is fine. I`m the guy whose research led to the creation of link farms. I swear to you on my parents` souls, what we are discussing will NOT violate search engine guidelines.
  • Michael Martinez: Make it an honest, useful, helpful, visible link.
  • Tina Willis: Michael Martinez thank you and nice to meet you! But will it devalue the link? I`ve read this suggestion among SEOs I trust a lot. I just never understood this / always had this question.
  • Michael Martinez: Tina Willis 1 link, unless it`s coming from like the home page of Yahoo, isn`t going to matter much. Just create a useful link.
  • Tina Willis: Michael Martinez this will be way more than 1. over time anyway
  • Michael Martinez: Tina Willis Well, I`m not sure what to make of that, but let me put it this way. I have two domains, Xenite-dot-Org and SF-Fandom-dot-com; they interlink to each other thousands of times. Never had a complaint from a search engine. Take that for what it`s worth.
  • Simon Cartier: Yes, you can google website URL submit and ping, you don’t need it to own a page to have it crawled
  • Walter Mrowczynski III: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url
  • Tina Willis: oh wow!
  • Jeff Ferguson: Tweet it
  • Arun Lohia: Try some black hat techniques

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