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Organic traffic dropped around 40% compared to last year

-my client has large eshop with underwear, swimsuits etc.
-He spends tons of money on PPC
- Q1 2018 vs Q1 2017 more than 100% increase on PPC traffic and good revenue
-Q1 2018 vs Q1 2017 his organic traffic dropped around 40% compared to last year
* around December 2017 he redesigned the whole site can this be a reason?

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  • Stephen McConville: Every re design creates new problems. Link structures change, good pages are lost, descriptions change, text and text position changes. It can all affect organic traffic. Even if it ranks well, does it rank high? Top 3? Has it shifted out of top 3 or had it slipped even 1 place? Was there a popular entrance page that is lost after re design? Let`s not forget we all know 1 keyword loss, or even 1 position loss can result in huge drop in traffic.
  • Durai Selvan: Yes, the sure redesign should be careful with previous organic rankings else you will lose them. Must be care with old url and new url structure and whole site content.

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