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How does Google detect if a website satisfy user needs?

How does Google detect if a website satisfy user needs?

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  • David Kutcher: Lack of Pogostick behavior.
  • Andrew Blacksmith: Is it confirmed by Google?
  • David Kutcher: Is what confirmed by Google? That pogosticking is a ranking factor? No.
  • Ryan Jones: It depends on the query. Not all pogosticking is bad. Think of a search for news. It’s normal to hit back and read another story from another place.
  • David Kutcher: Ryan Jones all variable ;)
  • Benj Arriola: Various factors. Time on site/bounce rate/pogo sticking/dwell time tells us if users like the site, they stay on the site, they probably like it and is satisfying a user. Google can’t rely of GA data though since not all sites have GA, and the dwell ti...Lihat Lainnya
  • David Kutcher: No to bounce rate and dwell time. Neither would be useful in this situation.
  • Maria Patterson: As a site owner I would be more interested if goals were completed, orders were placed and sign ups completed as a measure of whether a site satisfied user needs. Google perhaps direct / returning traffic
  • Benj Arriola: How can Google know your direct and returning traffic?
  • Benj Arriola: It can’t be GA, not all sites use GA. It can’t be chrome, not people use chrome.
  • Maria Patterson: Benj Arriola To answer Andrew`s question which is very broad then we would have to know all the variables which we do not. I was generalising as indeed a user`s needs is also very subjective from eCommerce sites to news sites and everything in between.
  • Travis Bailey: They pop up an interstitial and ask; "Do you like that, you naughty little searcher?" ;)
  • Travis Bailey: ^^^^ They actually do something like that, but I`ve only seen it used with their own products.

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