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What else can be done?

Hi! ok, this is really dumb, on a new updated worpress site of my client, the developer has left the no google index checkbox at the Yoast plugin - on. Only now after a week I have noticed it. After unchecking and requesting for a scan - what else can be done? Thanks!
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  • Dumb SEO Questions: That`s not dumb, Rami Moscovich, that`s smart. A lot of people here will admit that they`ve fallen into the same trap and taken longer than a week to wake up. There`s nothing to do but wait to be indexed. No harm done.
  • Daniel Fonda: Agreed, happens to a lot of devs. During development testing on a private server, you keep that turned off (for obvious reasons). Now usually if you know your way around WP, you can code in a check in wp-config, which allows for that option to automatically be updated depending on the site_url setting. Most devs just do it manually however and that can lead to stuff like this. Hope that gives a bit more context.
  • Christian Mühlbauer: You can try the "Fetch as Google" feature in the Google Search Console. It can speed-up the process of crawling and indexing.
  • Denys Dubner: Had a similar problem a long time ago. So you’re not the only one 🙂 My website is crawled every Saturday. I was told it might take a month depending on the Google Operations practice in your country I guess.
  • David Morgan: Right now, the best thing you can do is simply wait. Use the site modifier in Google from time to time to see if you`re actually indexed. Once you see at least one page there than that`s your light at the end of the tunnel. From there, I hope you`ve kept a profile of your links you`ve created and have them reindexed as well.
  • Travis Bailey: Pretty much let go and let Google. Say if it`s a client competing with the only two plumbers in town, ranking can happen pretty quick. Indexation can start happening as soon as you submit a crawlable sitemap. So one thing to add to your launch checklist is to see if you can crawl the site, post launch. Some of the more common tools are Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Xenu Link Sleuth. I would also recommend adding a Google Analytics traffic check, somewhere in the vicinity of launch. Sometimes, you can force GA to show a bit of today`s processed data by changing the calendar dates to the current day. You`ll get a feel for when that might be possible.
  • Michael Martinez: I would submit the site for crawling through Google Search Console. Then wait.
  • Dawn Anderson: Did you submit sitemaps in GSC?
  • Dash Tanmoy: Submit the updated sitemap.xml from Search Console to index your pages that you want Googlebot to crawl.

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