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Random search positions

My site is usually in second page for my gold keyword, however during the last 2 weeks I`ve noticed its going to top 5 everyday for around 10 minuts. Then usually goes back to the original position position (16th in second page) . Does somebody knows what that means?? Somebody knows if It will eventually rank me in top 5 or is just a random thing?
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  • Ryan Jones: wait, are you actually checking your ranks every 10 min?
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: I check them quite often 😁
  • Dave Rohrer: Check them every 30 or 60 minutes and I bet you see it happen less :)
  • Dave Rohrer: Also, are you getting same or more traffic? More or less leads/sales? If the same or more - dont worry
  • Rob Woods: It’s usually not that short a test but Google will sometimes test you at different positions to see if your CTR and other metrics show that searchers find your site a good result. It may also be results that only you are seeing based on your behavior.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Don`t forget personalized search either. Checking ranks frequently does nothing to help you succeed in work or life.
  • Travis Bailey: Just keep an eye on CTR and your average position, via Search Console or Analytics. I dislike spot keyword reporting. It may be that I had to scrape rankings for 300K KW, for about 200+ clients (THE PROXIES!!! And when those failed, my coworkers hated me. Constant captcha checks.) But I like average position a lot more. Sure, a spot check here and there can alert you to some movement. Though it can be a huge time sink if you obsess over the Ever Churn.

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