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What range of DA, PA and Alexa website should we choose for backlinks?

What range of DA, PA and Alexa website should we choose for backlinks?
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  • Ganesh Shanmuga: Study your competition. you will know yourself.
  • Nitin Rawat: I already did, none of them followed anything like this or any rule. They are making backlinks everywhere they can.
  • Ganesh Shanmuga: Thats a great news. Now you can strategize and out perform them with ease.
  • Michael Martinez: Third party metrics are useless for determining what a major search engine like Bing or Google thinks of backlinks. The third party metrics are computed from separate databases the search engines don`t use.
  • Razvan Alexa: Choose them based on relevance
  • Alan Bleiweiss: If you focus on those useless metrics, you will end up creating an unnatural pattern. Real, natural links come from sites big and small, established and new, popular and not yet known, and everything in between.
  • Susana Serer: Look at the quality of the site, it`s content, whether it receives traffic and the niche it`s in - not meaningless vanity metrics.
  • Craig Campbell: Traffic is the main thing id look for 👌

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