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SSL certificate is ranking factor, yes. But is a certificate type a factor?

SSL certificate is ranking factor, yes. But is a certificate type a factor?

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  • Chandraprabha Arun: Not must. But some body opens the site. It`s trustworthy. Because it`s protected against viruses.
  • Ryan Jones: HTTPS IS a ranking factor, but it`s super tiny. Basically, if two sites are both equally good, and one is secure, Google will rank that one higher. If a non-secure site is better than the secure one though, it will rank higher.
  • Christopher Fleming: Nope its more a trust signal I, e you can trust us to take security seriously and increase conversions as a result.
  • Cristian Caballero: Don’t worry about this. There’s a lot of more important factors to improve for sure 😊👍
  • Roger Montti: DO Worry About This. Failure to switch to HTTPS may result in higher bounce rates when the Chrome Browser alarms visitors to your site that it`s not secure. HTTPS is a Big Deal that goes beyond ranking signals. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-sets-https-deadline/236225/
  • Craig Anthony: Im planning to migrate at the end of this month. The abve atticle was much appreciated. Thank you
  • Gerry White: There’s a section on certificate type here https://www.takeitoffline.co.uk/https/ultimate-guide-to-https-for-seo/
  • Kristopher Acuff: You need it,
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Remember, too - there are a bunch of SSL companies like Symantec and a fistful of others that are set to become "untrusted" sometime in the next few weeks, as well.
  • Edvinas Pozniakas: Thank you all! Other thing: there is a thought that ssl migration means fall of rankings for at least a short period of time. Do additional backlinks on HTTPS adresses help in this case? Or maybe something else helps too?
  • Stockbridge Truslow: I wouldn`t worry too much about rankings drops. Typically when you see drops worth mentioning, it`s because you`ve changed the URL of the page (which is basically what happens when you switch to SSL) and you have also made content changes at the same time. Basically, when you switch to SSL, the same thing is happening as when you change the page`s URL in another way. (e.g. renaming /about-us/ to /about/ or whatever). It`s a 301 redirect which says, "This page moved here." If you change the copy on the page at the same time as the redirect, Google comes in and says, "Ahh. Yes. Page moved. Wait... this isn`t the same page as it was before... Gimme a minute to figure this out..." Always try to do redirects WITHOUT any other changes and it tends to go more smoothly. One thing you do want to do is make sure all of your internal links are updated to point to the https, too. Depending upon how you`ve done links, most CMS systems are pretty good about this in the menu blocks and things like that - but links within content often go overlooked. If you have done all your internal links as relative URLs (i.e no domain name - just the short /page/url-here type links) you`re already fine. If you are pasting entire links with the whole domain - they may need to be fixed. Some hosts will try to automatically fix this with URL rewriting - and others you can do it yourself. And even others, there isn`t much you can do but go through and find all your http://www.mysite... links and change them (preferably to relative urls, but at least get the https in there). That said - even if all is done right - don`t panic if certain pages vanish for a few hours or even a day. Typically it`s not a "whole site" that goes dark during an update like this - it goes through page by page updating as it discovers them. (NOTE: I used the word typically because I`m really only speaking from my own experience using the methods I`ve been using for years. Your results may vary slightly)
  • Pshemislav Kaspshik: Just make sure your cert is valid - use this tool: https://www.websitepulse.com/tools/cert-validation-test

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