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Can one rank high in My Business listing fast without a strong position in organic search of Big G?

I am new to SEO. So I had a meeting with my first potential client today. I thought I am prepared. But...

The client wants to get to the first position in local Google My Business listing without getting to first positions in SERP (they think they don’t need to).

Can one rank high in My Business listing fast without a strong position in organic search of Big G?

Any practical advise is most appreciated. Thanks. Denys

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: It depends what "ranking number 1 in Google My Business" means? If they want to rank #1 for their business name, maybe - if they`re the only one in the country with that name. If they want to rank #1 locally for their business name, that`s probably pretty easy.
  • Sameer Khand: Yes it is possible I have done for few clients.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Ultimately "Position" in Google Local is more about where the searcher happens to be sitting or standing more than anything else.
  • Ian Mathieu: Map citations, directory submissions, backlinks pointing to the citations would be a good place to start.
  • Francois-Pierre Marcil: While what your client wants is an ok business goal, make sure to beware of clients who just want to rank for their own ego (vs. creating business). As someone new to SEO, understanding that difference is crucial to building a good sustainable business for yourself.
  • Matthew Eisner: Drive ratings. Also benefits local SERP
  • Alan Bleiweiss: If it is a highly competitive map pack, fast results for anything other than business name will be difficult at best.
  • David Morgan: Yes, it`s very possible. Its super possible.
  • Arsen Rabinovich: The real question is... Why are you taking on clients and potentially jeopardizing someone`s business when you yourself just wrote that you are a beginner SEO? This is very scary.
  • David Morgan: Actually, there is a disconnect between the Snack Pack and SERPS. Google will put together different results. A guy can be in the Map Pack and not the first page of Google at all. A lot of businesses could be on the first page but not on the map pack.
  • Dumb SEO Questions: The three main factors are : Distance - you cant control Relevance - you can work on + this would also mean organic positions Prominence - this is the business reputation, mentions online + your sites authority
  • Steve Wiideman: An answer you could use might be "I`m confident that I can improve your 3-Pack ranking. You should probably be aware that the focus areas I`ll be working on also benefit organic rankings, which means you`ll have double the real estate. Give me a few extra dollars to invest and I can also have an affordable ad above the 3-Pack and right at the top of the pack, giving you quadruple the real estate."

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