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Keyword research for Ads VS the SEO I`ve been doing

Could use some thoughts. I`ve been doing some Local SEO, and in all honesty, I think it`s been going great! Killing it.

My top client is gearing up for his big season (Landscaper), and he`s asking me about maybe doing some PPC as well, to really get a good push going.

I think it`s a good idea and that he should, but the only issue is that I`ve never really done Google Ads before.

Looking for a really good and concise "essentials guide" or something like that to get me started.

What would some differences be in how I approach keyword research for Ads VS the SEO I`ve been doing? What other things should I be sure to keep in mind?

Anyone with solid experience in PPC out there? Thanks! 😀

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  • Suraj Gadage: Doug Before you start working on the Adwords campaign, I strongly recommend you become familiar with the subject, at least having essential training to understand how Adwords system work (ad rank, auction system, etc.) and the keyword research approach compared to SEO. I recommend https://www.wordstream.com/learn Once you become familiar with the subject, then you call Google AdWords specialist (offer free support) who can help you to get started with setup and running your first campaign. Just remember unless you start running the campaign you won`t learn. Besides, you can always shout-out for help if you are stuck somewhere. I`m sure you will get help one or other way. Good luck with your first PPC campaign.
  • Bob Stein: I have been using Google AdWords for 13+ years and I`m certified. Below are a few links to learn Google AdWords the DIY way. I like Udemy.com courses. Most are $9.99 and have 30-days to return. For AdWords:. You MUST research your keywords, choose correct keyword match types, learn from competitors, create great ads, test ads (run at least 2 at a time), send visitors to great landing pages, structure your account logically, make sensible bids, control your budget, use AdWords targeting (demographics, device, etc.), use AdWords extensions, TRACK CONVERSIONS, optimize your account frequently, avoid the search partner network (unless using remarketing), only show ads in the locations you cover, and other skills to increase ROAS. HOPE IT HELPS!! Guide to Google AdWords Beginner Edition https://lnkd.in/djjB6rU Google AdWords: The Beginner’s Guide https://lnkd.in/d8cfeB7 AdWords Courses on Udemy https://lnkd.in/d9HFrGJ #1 Pick On Udemy Ultimate Google AdWords Course https://lnkd.in/dKUSxpf
  • Doug Seidl: Thanks guys!!!
  • Ian Mathieu: Isaac Rudansky`s course on Udemy is GREAT! It`s VERY informative, but it`s long. It will take a couple weeks to get through it, but you could end up being a PPC expert out of the deal.
  • Bob Stein: True. With udem you can alter play speed 2x-4x. Also once you get the list of the earlier topics you can skip to the next one. And it probably isn`t updated to the new GUI. I was certified so it took a weekend to get through. There is also a good one Get Certified in 2 Days that is comprehensive but much shorter. Like I said udemy has a very lienient 30 day refund policy.
  • Travis Bailey: You`ll find that Google will readily support you with live help, if you`re paying them. So if you hit any stumbling blocks, call up their help department. I`ve only run three months of PPC in my life. It was for a single client. They did pretty well on a small budget. So long story short, if you`re familiar with Google`s tools - call their PPC support people. The things you really need to nail are (provided the landing page(s) is/are solid: Negative keywords (landscaping tutorial, landscaping jobs, etc.), geo-targeting, and chronological targeting (when your ads run). After that, it`s a bit of a bidding war. So keep your CPC below your margin and you should be, albeit with room for improvement, pretty solid. Also, there`s a number of root negative keyword lists out there. A little concatenation in a spreadsheet program should do ya.

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