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My page doesn’t show up as I edited it when I try googling it

Hey guys! First time writer, hope you are all going well, just thought I’d ask. I tried editing title of me blog yesterday for seo. It edited in the back end of WordPress but doesn’t show up as I edited it when I try googling it. Any suggestions? Not sure if I can put any links in here but pretty interested to learn how it works 😊 thanks in advance

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: You`re saying that you edited it in the back-end so now when you load a page in your browser, the browser title changes to something like "My Page Title - My New Site Name"? Correct? If that`s the case, but Google hasn`t picked it up - it`s just a matter of waiting. I can take a while depending upon how often Google crawls your site.
  • Glenn Gissing: Yeah that’s what I’m Hoping I did correctly. I have a couple of screen shots I could send in a message if you wouldn’t mind taking a look? Really appreciate the response! Never done anything like this before! 😬
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Basically, what you`re looking for is for it to appear in the tab of your browser when you`re looking at a page from your site. If you can see the new site name there (along with the normal page title) then it`s correct.
  • Glenn Gissing: That’s correct! I can see it all in the WordPress Back end but just not when I google it..... yet
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Give if time. If your site has generally been static without a lot of updates, it can take a week or so for Google to wander back in. It can also take a week or so for things to go from being "crawled" and actually added to the index, too. Typically if it`s JUST a title change, it happens pretty quickly, but if you have changed other things as well - expect to wait a week to 10 days. That said... it can also happen in a matter of minutes some times. My estimates above are on the long end of the "normal expectations" range. It can be somewhat longer and drastically shorter - all depending upon those mystical variables involved in the way the Mighty G does its thing. If you have Webmaster Tools (or whatever the heck Google is calling that this week), it wouldn`t hurt to resubmit the home page either. Don`t go crazy doing that all the time - but if you haven`t submitted it for a while, and you`re feeling like it may be taking longer than you`d like, resubmitting should be fine.
  • Prince Molak: The post is probably yet to be reindex by Google. Try submitting the post to Google
  • Michael Martinez: If you`re using an SEO plugin (or more than one) the title changes sometimes don`t take effect because you make them in the wrong place. There are all sorts of ways to set up inadvertent conflicts with title settings. When you load the home page of your site in your browser, does the correct title display in the browser tab? Always check that first after changing a site or page title.

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