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What`s your go to approach to get some authority links to a new site?

If you`ve launched a new site/taken on a new client, what`s your go to approach to get some authority links to it?
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  • Dave Rohrer: Think local. Any groups, associations, or really anything that makes sense to locally associate them with their customers. Sign up to https://www.helpareporter.com/ if you havent and look for opps.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Inbound links help with authority, but for the complete package to really work, outbound links are possibly even more important. Your informational pages (the ones which you want to be authoritative) should back up claims and reinforce them with citations, links to the source, and so on. It`s hard - nay, impossible - to get links that build authority unless you are being authoritative. Being authoritative is sort of like doing a high school or college term paper. State what you want to say and cite your sources. Once you have that - then the links coming into that are going to be in context to what you`re saying. They will be some "For more information..." type links. That is that other page`s vote for you being an authority on the subject that page is talking about. An average, everyday link doesn`t (really) build any real authority. NOTE: Authority isn`t really a site wide "value" either. Authority deals with a specific subject. You may have a lot of authority on one topic your site covers, but not have much in others. True, once you are considered an authority in one area, it`s easier to build authority in something else (unless it`s totally unrelated) - but just because you`re an authority on chocolate ice cream, it doesn`t necessarily mean you`re much of an authority on vanilla ice cream, or even ice cream in general.
  • Roger Montti: Non-authority links...
  • Dumb SEO Questions: Suppliers and customers.

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