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.com domain name is taken for potential clients business name

.com domain name is taken for potential clients business name... I`ve never had to deal with this issue so thought I`d double check the recommendations. I have seen a lot of talk about this but always end up with mixed/conflicting answers (as with most things to do with SEO ;-) )

I`m assuming that if you are good enough at SEO it won`t matter too much, but to give it the best possible opportunity what would be recommended?

Local business with a few locations on the outskirts of California. Almost all other options are available except for the .com

.org .us .net .biz etc...

they don`t have an existing site btw.

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  • John Bosworth: Is it the domain for their name? I’d get them to check their not copying / encroaching on another business. Personally I wouldn’t take the lower level extension and if pick a keyword related name or alter it enough to avoid confusion with potential customers
  • Kyle Arnold: it appears to be a squatter on the .com
  • Ronnie Lawson-Jones: I’d get .ninja, adds to credibility
  • Kyle Arnold: I would also prefer .com, most variations that make sense and relate closely to the domain (that I have checked - still researching) appear to be taken. I guess I`m looking at the other variants to avoid confusion as they have been in business for quite some time
  • Kyle Arnold: hyphenating or partial hyphenating may also be an option - not ideal though
  • Michael Martinez: I have used .org for over 20 years. TLD really doesn`t matter. It`s what you do with the site.
  • Jason Dolman: What about weare{business name}.com?
  • David Ogletree: There are a lot of very good reasons to insist on .com but SEO is not one of them. There is a debate on some indirect SEO benefits. Some say it makes it harder to get good links because non .com domains seem less legit to some people.
  • Neil Cheesman: In my own niche a website has been established for MANY years with co.uk and they don`t have the .com - it hasn`t and doesn`t affect them ranking in the SERPS at all... whether some people/customers mistake the .com for .co.uk I can`t say - but for `SEO` purposes, as long as the `brand` is created as part of the domain don`t see it as a problem. Double check copyright issues in your case...

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