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Best way to deal with not found errors in search console

Ecommerce website has lots of not found errors in search console, best way to deal with these? Thanks
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  • Christian Mühlbauer: Depends. Are these products gone forever and there`s no succesor product ? Thats just normal as John Mueller said and you can leave the 404. Is there a follow-up or similiar product? 301 Redirect. Check if the product urls have relevant backlinks. If so, try to make a relevant 301.
  • Travis Bailey: Some of them might even be from a defunct scraper site. That happens too.
  • Ronnie Lawson-Jones: I wish people didn’t just jump in and 301 absolutely everything! No need! 404s are normal, 301 pages with rankings and links first
  • David Harry: Yea, Christian and Ronnie have it... if it`s an important page (defunct product, page with external links, page with traffic) then most certainly I would consider hitting the htaccess. But, if they`re just dead pages of no value, there`s no point in bloating the htaccess with redirects
  • Dawn Anderson: Depends on what they are
  • Travis Bailey: Well, I don`t disagree with what`s been said. But I suppose we may want to figure out why there are a ton of 404s. Is something in the cart generating a lot of junk URLs? Don`t know.
  • David Harry: Dawn Anderson
  • Christopher Chorley: Thanks for the help everybody.
  • David Ogletree: We have that problem Magento has a huge problem with renaming URLs every time you change a title
  • David Ogletree: One thing I learned recently is your not supposed to use htaccess if you have access to the http_conf file

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