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Is there a quick way to count the number of images indexed in Google Images instead of manually counting?

Is there a quick way to count the number of images indexed in Google Images instead of manually counting? LOL And I`m not talking about images indexed per GSC, I mean searching site:domain.com and seeing how many images are found via filter Images.
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  • Gerry White: Not sure if this will work, but I use it for similar tasks http://www.onlinesales.co.uk/seo/bookmarklet/serps.php
  • Travis Bailey: I think you can cobble something together with Selenium, if you`re familiar with Python. The reason we need Selenium is it emulates a browser, so it can manipulate various DOM elements (click on stuff, and scroll - if that was a little jargon heavy for anybody). Google lazy loads the image results and fires a script to load more, once you`ve scrolled to a certain point. So we`ll need Selenium to scroll the page for us, until it get`s to a `load more` link. Then we`ll have to repeat the above, until new results no longer show, all the while counting. Depending upon the case/site, and adherence to certain SEO conventions - mileage will vary if it`s the actual type of image you would count. That level of image recognition is a whole other can of worms (multi-national teams of computer scientists working for the next five years, with the best resources on earth, can of works), if you`re only worried about reporting purposes. For example: site:wikipedia dot org intitle:puppies yields a lot of images of puppies, but also things like a Pound Puppies logo. But hey, you might keep yourself or a developer entertained for an afternoon or two. http://selenium-python.readthedocs.io/index.html
  • Jason Mun: Have u tried scrapesimilar in chrome?

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