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Broken links in G+ posts from 2015, should I delete them?

Hi everyone! I recently reopened my old G+ account for business because i want to use it for seo, and have broken links in posts from 2015. Should I delete those posts or let it be? Thanks! :)
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  • Naveen Kapoor: Delete it
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Don`t delete the posts. Remove the broken links - or better yet, update them if you have another source for the same info.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Social media is not helpful for direct SEO links. Always think "is this link helpful to humans who find it, and is that person the target market I care about?" - that is what matters
  • Iche Mikulčić: Thank you all for your answers. Maybe it will be useful if i say that G+ account will be intended for posting the news. The website is a news portal that generates 60-80 posts a day. Also, another question that I wanted to ask is how often should I post on G+? (Our website updates sitemap once a day).
  • Iche Mikulčić: My strategy was to bring useful content to people (since it’s the news portal that bring fresh everyday news from the world and my country) who are indeed interested in that content and segment it in collections/boards. And that posts will have useful keywords and hashtags that will be easy searchable for user. The content is specific and involves specific names so I don’t think it will pop up to people who are searching for general term. But, what you said Alan, I will experiment for a while and get back to you with results.
  • Doc Sheldon: I have NEVER seen any evidence that supports a claim like that post makes, Iche Mikulčić. And the assumptions in that post are off base, as was pointed out in the comments... he was logged in when he grabbed the screenshots.

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