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Post all pages at the same time or stretch it out over a few weeks?

Client has about 20+ high quality pages to add to their website. Is it recommended to add them all at the same time or stretch it out over a few weeks?
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  • Steve Wiideman: I don`t have any data proving it makes a difference. Launching 1000`s of new pages at once however...
  • Micah Fisher-Kirshner: Launch as many as you feasibly can and as many at you can feasibly link to.
  • Jobin John: This question came up in the Google Webmaster YT sessions and John from Google mentioned... You can post a 100, 000 articles at once to your site and Google will crawl them... from a SEO point of view there is no problem at all however you need to ensure your website servers are capable enough to handle the load when Google bots start crawling the 100, 000 pages. In this case 20+ articles can be posted at once with ease.
  • JL Faverio: Awesome thanks gents.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: So here is another perspective. Launching 1, 000 new pages at once, if they are good, strong pages, can be great for rapid increases in core organic visibility. It will take time for the crawl then subsequent multi-algorithm process to fully evaluate them, yet you can get a lot of traction pretty quick as opposed to slow roll deployment. And of course, you can`t promote them all off site, very well unless it`s to just promote the notion "hey, we just added 1, 000 great new pages!". Classic example: creating a knowledge base. It`s better to deploy an entire new knowledge base at once, rather than "hey, we have this great new resource for you, but it`s really only one page for now, so come back in a year when it`s done".
  • Ryan Jones: do what makes sense for the business.
  • Doc Sheldon: JL Faverio, I`ve recently done 2 projects like that - one added 12 pages, the other added 56. It went swimmingly. As long as the content is unique, I don`t think you`ll encounter any problems
  • JL Faverio: I`ll just ensure each page is linked and optimized correctly before publishing them at the same time. Thanks everyone!
  • John Albin: Frequency is not a ranking factor. Post em all at once!
  • Mounir Roukky: From seo perspective sharing lots of pages will not boost your ranking on google ! What really matter is the content and how people would engage with it.

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