Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 53

Thursday, October 10, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 53 Hangout On Air Video
00:03:21What do you folks think will take, as marketers, to engage women in digital marketing conversations?
00:09:01I have a 302 redirect to my website in order to shorten the url, will The Google Webmaster crawler follow the redirect?
00:12:51How to tell if an SEO company is legit or dodgy?
00:23:49How we loose "as little as possible" of the search rankings that already existed on the previous sites when merging them into one
00:28:55Do we still advocate using directory submission as a valid SEO tactic?
00:30:31How can I tell if too much javascript is hurting the site`s navigability?
00:36:34I have found a rather scary trend in the latest Penguin 2.1 update
00:37:34Responive design for all devices or a redirect for mobile?
00:45:45If any website effects by penguin update, does Google send any messages via Webmaster Tools?
00:47:00I have problem with my website ranking
00:55:46Is social sharing schemes a legitimate way of getting your content "out there" and noticed?
01:00:53Is there any clear advantages or disadvantages to scrolling one-page websites vs. traditional multipage sites, from an SEO standpoint?
01:05:43I want to test a few different url structures but I want to do it properly
01:11:41Do you update your sitemap each time you do a blog post?
01:13:52Everything looks fine but there was a sudden drop in the number of indexed pages. What could be the problem?
01:17:25I use www in WMT but submitted sitemap without www. Is this detrimental to SEO?
01:19:32Are ROR XML sitemaps still any use?
01:22:25Will Google AdWords help your website to rank top based on organic search?
01:22:53My website has 4200 links from a single website, can that hurt my website`s reputation?
01:27:06What is the best way to merge websites into one without completely messing up any SEO?
01:30:11Google recently de-indexed one of my pdf files from my website. Is there anyone to guide me to take required action?
01:35:57I have 5 sites with the same topic, each for its respected country, I want to link each of them, do you think it would harm SEO rankings?3.5
01:40:11What is the best way to find out exactly what your Google SERP position is for a given keyword?
01:42:05I can`t find my website on Google, please help me
01:44:17Need recommendations, thoughts, opinions about content curation tools
01:48:01A question about how to construct a good url structure for SEO
01:51:15Im looking for mobile crawl errors in GWT for a particular site but there is no mobile/feature phone tab
01:52:28Which is the better directory structure from and SEO point of view?
01:52:46I got ranking on One keyword at 6 page on Goolge. Now what i do to improve raking?
04:00:00I removed my .php extension from the url, but this only works on localhost