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Is there any clear advantages or disadvantages to scrolling one-page websites vs. traditional multipage sites, from an SEO standpoint?

Hi all. I`m in the early stages of designing a wordpress site for a client, a small cake business. I was wondering if  there any clear advantages or disadvantages to scrolling one-page websites vs. traditional multipage sites, specifically from an SEO standpoint? I would also like your opinions from a user standpoint on traditional sites vs. single page.
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  • Michael Chapman: Multi-page websites tend to perform better from an SEO perspective.

    More URLs
    More Pages To Have Targeted Content
    More Page To Have Targeted Optimisation
    Better User Experience  ;(usually)

    And so on and so forth.
  • William Gomes: Definitely agree with +Michael Chapman ;here. With cakes also you could have "Wedding Cakes" "Birthday Cakes" "Retirement Cakes" etc etc all separate pages with pictures content and hopefully rankings. Trying to rank for several cake types etc would be much harder with a single page site especially if it there is any competition at all :)
  • Scott Cohen: Thanks! I'm trying to not fall into the classic web designer trap of designing stuff that I want to do that I think would be cool, but rather what is actually best for the client. Appreciate the insight. ;
  • Christina S: You have to strike a proper balance. Will multiple pages be truly distinct in terms of content? If the same basic cake can be used for a wedding or birthday or a corporate event with minimal differences, I feel they can all be on the same page, with 3 photos, one for each occasion.

    But if you have a collection of wedding cakes and one of birthday cakes, etc, then they can each have a page of their own.

    So the answer is: it all depends.
  • Dave Elliott: i remember matt cutts basically saying Google is fine with it!

  • William Gomes: +Dave Elliott ;yeah its fine with it. But in terms of ranking and even usability (if your thinking parallax) multipage sites are much better. As long as you don't have the pages copied over with different types of cake so each cake type as an example has its own page with unique content it will beat a single page site by alot! :D
  • Dave Elliott: not sure that is the case.  ;I mean something like ;http://www.tmesolutionsDOTco.uk/ is huegly usable. Admittedly they have't got their URL structure worked out properly but it is achievable with a bit of php (ie using ?mypage as a seperate page)

    Also, they can look cool damn it!

    The other factor in this case is what do they actually want to rank for? if it is simply 'Cakes location' then it won't be even remotely a problem!

    Also, they can look cool damn it!
  • William Gomes: Yes obviously there are sites that are parallex that are usable. But its rarely the case I find. But yes they do look cool!
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 01:00:53 into the YouTube video: https://dumbseoquestions.com/q/is_there_any_clear_advantages_or_disadvantages_to_scrolling_onepage_websites_vs_traditional_multipage_sites_from_an_seo_standpoint

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