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What do you folks think will take, as marketers, to engage women in digital marketing conversations?

So, I just took a look at my analytics, and I`m astonished by the gender demographic breakdown.

What do you folks think will take, as marketers, to engage women in digital marketing conversations without pandering to them in a sexist manner? I don`t know where the root of this issue is, but the numbers I see are speaking a very telling story. I wonder what`s going on to keep women at bay.

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  • Michael Chapman: There's more men in the industry. ;That right there sums it up. In regards to involving women in conversations regarding digital marketing there is no need to treat women any differently than men. ;

    If a woman is interested in digital marketing she is no more less likely to have a conversation regarding digital marketing than a man with the same level of interest. (Provided of course you're not overtly misogynistic).

    As for why less women are interested in Digital Marketing? More social pressure away from technological/business pursuits.  ;I certainly don't believe the industry is at large being sexist in the slightest, it's just sociology.
  • Scott Cohen: I agree with Michael. That being said, you could always write blog posts highlighting women in the industry, interview women in the industry, market where women are (Pinterest), etc..
  • Neha Bawa: Thank you, +Scott Cohen & +Michael Chapman. I appreciate your feedback, but I wasn't insinuating that sexism or misogyny. I'm approaching this from a more sociological perspective. When I mentioned pandering, I meant opening up the industry in a way that doesn't approach them (us) with expected ideas we see elsewhere.

    I know fewer women work in the industry and I'm really curious to know why.

    That being said, I'd love hear from any women in this community who've noticed similar trends at their workplaces.
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 00:03:21 into the YouTube video: https://dumbseoquestions.com/q/what_do_you_folks_think_will_take_as_marketers_to_engage_women_in_digital_marketing_conversations
  • Simon Fryer: +Neha Bawa talk about Pinterest more :)
  • Michael Chapman: +Neha Bawa ;It will be mostly due to the same sociological factors that drives men away from the fashion industry. ;

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