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How can I tell if too much javascript is hurting the site`s navigability?

I`m working with a Drupal site that has a slider on the homepage. This slider disappears when I turn off Javascript in Chrome. Additionally a dropdown menu lower down on the page becomes unclickable when JS is turned off. How can I tell if this is hurting the site`s navigability?

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  • W.E. Jonk: To be honest it is impossible to know for sure if this is hurting your ranking. However in general one can say that navigation does not hurt your ranking....<br /><br />That is, google can execute javascript and when you use things that all over the the internet it won&#39;t really hurt your ranking. ;
  • Tino Triste: As a rule of thumb if JS menus, tabs, sliders, etc aren&#39;t visible with JS turned off. They&#39;re not seo friendly, I would find another script. 
  • Shawn Cohen: Oddly enough, the main navbar isn&#39;t JS but the slider bar and a secondary dropdown menu is. I think we&#39;ll leave it for now since the linked pages are ranking--but thanks for your help!
  • Tino Triste: Ok good luck with it all 
  • Shawn Cohen: Thanks!
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 00:30:31 into the YouTube video: 
  • Shawn Cohen: Thanks, watching now.

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