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I can`t find my website on Google, please help me

Dear all, google,

I own a website www touristtiger com but when i search for touristtiger in google search its not diaplayed but instead if i search for touristiger  ( singel T instead of double T) the results are diaplayed . Why? someone pls help me

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  • William Gomes: Because it believes it is a misspelling and then corrects it automatically to Tourist Tiger which you dont rank for. Perhaps if in your title tag you put Tourist Tiger instead of Touristtiger that would help. ;<br /><br />If I set it to actually search for touristtiger you do come first. The reason that without the t works is that it doesn&#39;t try and spell correct it.
  • Michael Chapman: It&#39;s because touresttiger is a misspelling of &#39;Tourist Tiger&#39; where as &#39;touristiger&#39; is not (as far as Google are concerned) .<br /><br />Ninja Edit:  ; beat me to it.
  • R.Gopi Krishna:  ;how to make it work
  • R.Gopi Krishna:  ;how to make it work i am trying to build a brand
  • William Gomes: Put a space between it. So your title tag says Tourist Tiger instead of Touristtiger like it does now. Simple really. And on your site refer to it as Tourist Tiger separated.
  • R.Gopi Krishna: but i am trying to creat a brand touristtiger
  • William Gomes: Well in that case you would have to get enough people searching for it like that for Google to think it&#39;s not a misspelling. Which would require a big effort.
  • R.Gopi Krishna: what if i create a home page with keyword touristtiger
  • William Gomes: Don&#39;t really think your understanding this  ;or am I just not making sense anyone?
  • R.Gopi Krishna: don mistake me i m just fresher for seo
  • William Gomes: Basically looking at your resources I would recommend you have your &quot;brand&quot; as Tourist Tiger not touristtiger. You won&#39;t have to change anything really just refer to yourself as Tourist Tiger instead of without the space ;)
  • R.Gopi Krishna: i got it friend<br />thanx
  • R.Gopi Krishna: which is the best tool to audit a website
  • Jim Munro: Hi  ;:)<br /><br />You are welcome here but links to your site are not. Please edit your post to disable the link to your site (replace the dot with a space). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • R.Gopi Krishna:  ;done - removed dots
  • Al Johnson: touristtiger is not a word in English.  ;Google tries to make a word. Tourist Tiger.  ; Touristiger is not a word and there is nothing close so Google returns what they have for that word.  ;By the way, Google makes a very good translater app for your phone, Just sayin ;
  • R.Gopi Krishna: friend tomorrow i am going for an interview sem field - i need action pland for search engine marketing
  • Ranu Jain: Yes, I too recommend to use Tourist Tiger rather than TouristTiger. It will be easy to read and understand at once.<br /><br />If you search &quot;TouristTiger&quot; in Google it says ;<br /><br />&quot;Showing results for Tourist Tiger&quot; and &quot;Search instead for TouristTiger&quot;. It means Google too consider &quot;Tourist Tiger&quot; as the correct term.<br /><br />If you use &quot;Tourist Tiger&quot; on your site, you will definitely start ranking for this term too. ;<br /><br />Give it a thought.
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 01:42:05 into the YouTube video: 

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