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I can`t find my website on Google, please help me

Dear all, google,

I own a website www touristtiger com but when i search for touristtiger in google search its not diaplayed but instead if i search for touristiger  ( singel T instead of double T) the results are diaplayed . Why? someone pls help me
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  • William Gomes: Because it believes it is a misspelling and then corrects it automatically to Tourist Tiger which you dont rank for. Perhaps if in your title tag you put Tourist Tiger instead of Touristtiger that would help. ;

    If I set it to actually search for touristtiger you do come first. The reason that without the t works is that it doesn't try and spell correct it.
  • Michael Chapman: It's because touresttiger is a misspelling of 'Tourist Tiger' where as 'touristiger' is not (as far as Google are concerned) .

    Ninja Edit: +William Gomes ; beat me to it.
  • R.Gopi Krishna: +Michael Chapman ;how to make it work
  • R.Gopi Krishna: +William Gomes ;how to make it work i am trying to build a brand
  • William Gomes: Put a space between it. So your title tag says Tourist Tiger instead of Touristtiger like it does now. Simple really. And on your site refer to it as Tourist Tiger separated.
  • R.Gopi Krishna: but i am trying to creat a brand touristtiger
  • William Gomes: Well in that case you would have to get enough people searching for it like that for Google to think it's not a misspelling. Which would require a big effort.
  • R.Gopi Krishna: what if i create a home page with keyword touristtiger
  • William Gomes: Don't really think your understanding this +R.Gopi Krishna ;or am I just not making sense anyone?
  • R.Gopi Krishna: don mistake me i m just fresher for seo
  • William Gomes: Basically looking at your resources I would recommend you have your "brand" as Tourist Tiger not touristtiger. You won't have to change anything really just refer to yourself as Tourist Tiger instead of without the space ;)
  • R.Gopi Krishna: i got it friend
  • R.Gopi Krishna: which is the best tool to audit a website
  • Jim Munro: Hi +R.Gopi Krishna ;:)

    You are welcome here but links to your site are not. Please edit your post to disable the link to your site (replace the dot with a space). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
  • R.Gopi Krishna: +Jim Munro ;done - removed dots
  • Al Johnson: touristtiger is not a word in English.  ;Google tries to make a word. Tourist Tiger.  ; Touristiger is not a word and there is nothing close so Google returns what they have for that word.  ;By the way, Google makes a very good translater app for your phone, Just sayin ;
  • R.Gopi Krishna: friend tomorrow i am going for an interview sem field - i need action pland for search engine marketing
  • Ranu Jain: Yes, I too recommend to use Tourist Tiger rather than TouristTiger. It will be easy to read and understand at once.

    If you search "TouristTiger" in Google it says ;

    "Showing results for Tourist Tiger" and "Search instead for TouristTiger". It means Google too consider "Tourist Tiger" as the correct term.

    If you use "Tourist Tiger" on your site, you will definitely start ranking for this term too. ;

    Give it a thought.
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 01:42:05 into the YouTube video: https://dumbseoquestions.com/q/i_cant_find_my_website_on_google_please_help_me

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