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I use www in WMT but submitted sitemap without www. Is this detrimental to SEO?

In my webmasters account I have a domain with http://www.example.com, but I have just noticed that I have submitted a sitemap with http://example.com... it`s missing the www.

Is this detrimental to SEO?

The sitemap has only been there for three or four days, so if it is detrimental, then I guess it`s best to get it sorted  now if it needs changing, but if I do amend, what consequences will there be?


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  • Ranu Jain: Hey Matthew,<br /><br />Make sure that all the URLs in your sitemap file match the Preferred Domain name. In your case it with www version.<br /><br />You can replace the submitted sitemap with the new one (with www version).
  • Matthew Stuart: Thank you
  • Tony McCreath: What happens when you visit the non www version? 
  • Luke Ciciliano: I would generate a www version and 301 redirect the old version to it. I would then use Webmaster Tool&#39;s &quot;url removal&quot; feature to ask Google to take the old version from the index. Are all your other pages pointing to the www version ? ;
  • Matthew Stuart:  ;I have not set a preference to use either, so it works with or without the www... is that a problem?
  • Tony McCreath: Ideally you want to pick one and always use it consistenty. Having two versions of all your pages can cause things like PageRank and social shares to get split.<br /><br />To help avoid the other one being used you can set up a site wide 301 redirect. 
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 01:17:25 into the YouTube video: 

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