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What is the best way to find out exactly what your Google SERP position is for a given keyword?

Hi Guys, glad to be part of your community.

I`m an SEO in training and still a bit wet behind the ears and I wondered if I could ask you guys a question.

1. What is the best way to find out exactly what your Google SERP position is for a given keyword? I am optimising a site for my first client and I have searched for the keywords in three different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and I have different SERP positions depending on the browser. Surely browser shouldn`t make a difference?

I know there are sites that check your SERP but I`m not sure how reliable these are either.

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  • Collin Davis:  ; Unfortunately no technique is fool proof and gives you 100% accurate results.<br /><br />However here are some techniques that will remove most of the personalization.<br />1. Go into the incognito mode on Google Chrome. It removes most personalizations - ;<br />2. Append &amp;pws=0 after your search query URL in Google search results. ;<br />3. One other technique which I have found useful is to use the Google Ad Preview - ;<br /><br />Hope that helps :)
  • W.E. Jonk: Quite some time ago one of our moderators ask a similar question [1]. ;<br /><br />However there is only one way to get ranking position because scraping the SERP&#39;s [2] is against the terms and conditions of Google, which is in Google&#39;s Webmaster Tools under &quot;search traffic&quot; --&gt; &quot;search queries&quot;. In the table you find the &quot;avarage position&quot; for a particular keyword [3].<br /><br />[1] ;<br />[2] ;<br />[3] ;
  • Frank Rodr�guez: as Mr jonk suggests , webmasters tool
  • William Gomes: Hi  ;I&#39;ve created a video for you on how I do this. ;<br /><br />Thanks to  ;&amp;  ;for your inputs too!
  • W.E. Jonk:  ;great video reply! Indeed the way to do those things is through proxy server (you don&#39;t need a VPN). You probably also need a captcha solver. Or how do you deal with the captcha?<br /><br />However I am pretty sure G called these actions black-hat and that is why I directed to GWT, which isn&#39;t that great (I know).
  • William Gomes: Oh I make the searches very very slooow... So no captchas ever appear and as it changes its location every 4 minutes it would be very very hard to track my individual activity.
  • William Gomes: Here are the settings I use: <br /><br />Also I think VPN&#39;s are more reliable than proxies as I can select the exact location I want. For example I am not in London but some of my clients are and so are their customers so I can reliably select a VPN there which I think is good. ;
  • W.E. Jonk:  ;VPN&#39;s can act like a proxy server but they don&#39;t have to (if you are using OpenVPN it depends on the settings, not sure about other implementations). VPN&#39;s are used to act like a local machine (in a nutshell). Proxy servers aren&#39;t VPN&#39;s they only route your traffic through another IP (in a nutshell). In this case you only need a proxy server and you can achieve that with VPN solutions like OpenVPN.<br /><br />So using a VPN by itself doesn&#39;t make it &quot;more reliable&quot;, it is just an option within a VPN solution. Makes sense? ;
  • William Gomes: But with OpenVPN you can&#39;t choose the locations you want can you? Or at least its limited? I&#39;ve tried it before without good results that was years ago though.
  • Stephen Watts: Ultimately you need to invest in a software or saas solution for rank tracking to handle hundreds of keywords for multiple clients. Moz is a good start but won&#39;t scale. I&#39;d suggest Advanced Web Rankings with Trusted Proxies to handle really unlimited keywords its just a matter of buying enough proxies to fit your needs
  • Dave Elliott: I use moz but disagree with its ranks constantly. You can do it manually but that takes ages.  ; ;is right in what he says but use mozbar(chrome or firefox) and it has a &quot;serp overlay&quot; which with a bit of configuring will let you do a fully non personalised search, or a non-personalised with a location fairly quickly. If you are measuring lots of key phrases though then it is still ridiculously time consuming.
  • Klaus Bandisch: To get a TRUE and CORRECT result you only have to go here: ; ;-)
  • Tim Quin: Thanks so much for your comments guys you&#39;ve been really helpful.
  • Ranu Jain: Rank Checker is also worth trying. Of course, you won&#39;t get the accurate results but can try. Simply clear the cache, set &quot;&amp;gl=us&quot; in the search and then run the tool. ;<br /><br />I have tried it and cross checked with my people sitting in US. It is worth a shot.
  • W.E. Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 01:40:11 into the YouTube video: 

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