Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 52.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 52. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:40Can anybody recommend a good free backlink checking tool besides Moz?
00:03:34Can anyone recommend any quality SEO apps to install on Chrome?
00:09:01Does anyone know of good places to get backlinks from directories, etc?
00:11:38How does Google Places handle multiple businesses on the same floor?
00:15:04Google Webmaster Tools today not showing data after 9/23/2013?
00:15:42Has anyone felt any impact from Hummingbird yet?1
00:15:47Thoughts to share about the Hummingbird update?5
00:31:04Are there any negatives to having two blogs on separate subdomains?
00:37:41Is Bing keyword data of high value now?
00:41:06How to find the data on keywords in Advanced Web Statistics on server?
00:44:21Domain urls without www in the front in Google Webmaster Tools.
00:46:14Google detected a 404 error to some of our product pages that are not errors.
00:54:37Has anyone any experience on how Google handles 307?
00:59:24What can be done to help Googlebot read Flash?
00:59:33What do you think of Weebly sites?
01:13:27Is it possible to do seo for a site for alcohol?
01:16:49What do you think of Google`s agenda behind masking keyword data?
01:20:22If you could talk to Google, what would you ask about the disavow file operations?
01:30:22What is the best way of removing bad social bookmarks placed by a old SEO company?
01:33:14Do you think ONLY linking to other sites with high page rank will increase rankings?
01:37:24If you were to build a website for the blind, what structure elements would you take into account?
01:43:20What would happen if I used the same image twice in one post?
01:47:38Is it best practice to force lowercase their URLs and redirect the uppercase URLs to the new lowercase ones?
01:55:32What is the most annoying/ cringe-worthy SEO buzz term?
02:00:05Thought re: SEO in the Year 2014?