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Are there any negatives to having two blogs on separate subdomains?

Hi there,

We have a site with a blog on a subdomain currently that has both B2C and B2B content on it as we have both B2C and B2B customers.

We have a separate site entirely for the B2B sales, which is pretty poor to be honest.

I`d like to create a separate subdomain on the main site for all the B2B information and have a B2B blog situated there (making all B2B content in one place). 

Are there any negatives anyone can think of to essentially having two blogs on separate subdomains - one a B2C blog and the other a B2B one?

Thanks so much!

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  • Simon Fryer: Hi Philip,<br />A drawback could be that your&#39;re splitting your equity between the sub domains. I imagine that you won&#39;t be linking heavily between the two blogs given that they target different audiences, so I would probably use one sub domain with two different subfolders. For example: and . That said I don&#39;t have any evidence to support this so it&#39;s just my opinion at this point. 

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