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What do you think of Weebly sites?

I have been building sites on weebly for quite some time, I am fairly new to SEO. While I have been using weebly. Here is what I do, and I hope I have not been wasting my time.

I pick a general template, then edit the site with custom backgrounds and container images if needed.
 I then incorporate tags on each page and add the formatting to the css. 

I then make sure each picture has relevant alt text.
Anchor text all makes sense

After the page is complete,  I run it thru bing webmaster tools to confirm no errors on the page, and then I use a few seocentre tools to confirm the keywords are on the money. I even make sure meta keywords are above 90% relevant (i know i know)....

So my question is this, for a small local business, does this seem like a viable option? DO you think in a smaller market, this strategy could obtain good search results?

 I would post the URL to the current site I am working on but I don`t think its necessary at this time.
Any advice is appreciated, I just want to make sure that I am covering the basics, and where I should go from here.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • William Gomes: Hi Jeffrey, you can send me a private message with more information and with a link to the site. And I can tell you if its a viable option :-)
  • Jeffrey Rudisill: Not excatly sure how to post PM on google+... so the URL is  ; Please view the site in chrome, I am having css issues in firefox and IE. ;
  • William Gomes: Technically speaking the site isn&#39;t perfect but it will do.<br /><br />These are areas for improvement after a quick scan:<br /><br />1. Your Title Tags - You put ;Homestead Hardwood Flooring on the end of every page I personally wouldn&#39;t. Just have this on your homepage or contact us.<br /><br />2. Again on title tags for the home page more power is given to the earlier the keywords appear in title tags so on your homepage for example:&quot; Homestead Hardwood Flooring - St.Charles  ;Wood Floor Installation and Repair&quot; is what it is now optimally it might be: &quot;St.Charles  ;Wood Floor Installation and Repair - ;Homestead Hardwood Flooring&quot;<br /><br />3. Mentioning other areas - Now I am in the UK so I really have no idea on your area however you mention in the areas served St Louis so I would mention this in the title tags where appropriate  ;I don&#39;t mean all the areas listed at the bottom of that page. But whatever the biggest area might be.<br /><br />Anyway if you want some more help you can check my site and send me a email and we can chat on skype or something for free :)
  • Slawomir Zdunek: You can go to the home page with index.html and without. I would fix that. I think it&#39;s better to have only one option. ;
  • William Gomes: Yes that&#39;s what I mean&#39;t but I dont believe a Weebly site will allow you to fix that?
  • Jeffrey Rudisill: I can look into  ;index.html, I will also look into the the title text as well. I really appreciate the help and information. ;
  • Slawomir Zdunek: I guess not. I&#39;ve forgotten that it&#39;s on weebly. Personally I am not a big fan of this sort of solutions. I&#39;m not completely sure if such websites stand a big chance to rank high unless you manage to build valuable decent backlinks.
  • Jeffrey Rudisill: I started using weebly awhile back, before I understood the importance of things like SEO and online marketing. While I still don&#39;t know how to execute these things, I am appreciating the importance of them. Weebly&#39;s hosting is insanely cheap, 60 a year for 10 different domains, unlimited data. So I would really like to make weebly work for my needs. ;
  • William Gomes: I think Weebly is good enough the technical issues you can&#39;t fix on a site of this size are minor. As I said if we could speak on Skype or something we could see what we can get sorted Jeffrey. :)
  • Luke Ciciliano: Thanks for sharing . The first step is to focus on producing quality content in addition to the technical issues you mentioned. Are you making it a point to discuss what makes your business different from others in your area? ;
  • Jeffrey Rudisill: William sorry I couldn&#39;t skype tonight I had a family issue come up. And Luke the quality content is a work in progress, I need to add alot of quality content on some of the pages. I dont really know how to talk about how our business is better, however we are the only local company that has a square footage calculator and live chat services on the page..... if google values these im not sure :( 
  • Jeffrey Rudisill: Well obviously we are better, but talking about it is kinda hard. I caj interview the owner and get some great content from that discussion. 
  • Slawomir Zdunek: And haven&#39;t you though of launching some small PPC campaign for the beginning. I think that could be helpful and you could get some leads. It isn&#39;t so expensive and could be profitable if the competition isn&#39;t very active.

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