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Does anyone know of good places to get backlinks from directories, etc?

Anyone know of good places to get #backlinks from (directories, etc..)? I`m not looking for spam kind of stuff. Just some clean links for free or a small fee. Thanks everyone!

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  • Jason Nelson: I'd refer you to this.. ;
  • Brian Patterson: There are generally good quality directories in each niche that are good initial targets on a new campaign.  ;I'd completely avoid the stuff built to pass PageRank/SEO value, and instead look for those passionate curators who maintain a directory in the niche because they absolutely love it.
  • Tony McCreath: Make market specific searches and see what directories rank.
  • Ace Site Creator: I think he is asking the best ways to get backlinks. For me recently, I found the best strategy is to make videos, put them on Youtube and link them back to your site.
  • Frank Rodr�guez:  ;do what ace says...plus your videos will appear in search. Another powerful source is Slideshare. Cheers
  • Molchester SEO, SEM & Internet Marketing: Yes, YouTube & Slideshare is a must.
  • Derar Barqawi: This link may help you to know ;where to get Backlinks to your website: ;
  • Ranu Jain: What is your niche, Vic?

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