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What would happen if I used the same image twice in one post?

Hi guys.
 I`m wondering what would happen if I used the same image twice in one post?  More specifically, I use 1 for featured image and I`d like to use it again later in the post.  

The featured image only shows as a thumbnail and isn`t actually seen in the content.  It is only shown on the homepage, archives, and category pages.

This is a debate I`m having with a friend of mine, winner gets $10.  I`ll gladly split it up amongst the community....if I`m right. :)

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • W.E. Jonk: So the featured image is hidden on the article, like ;visibility:hidden;?
  • Chris M Cloutier: I don&#39;t know if it&#39;s necessarily hidden, but I think the theme is set to only show it as a thumbnail.<br /><br />In WP, you can set it to show thumbs on page/posts or disable it.  ;On this particular site it&#39;s disabled.  ;I&#39;m sorry if I&#39;m not making sense.
  • Chris M Cloutier:  ; if you look at this post, then go to the homepage you&#39;ll see what I mean.  ;Sorry for the link dropping. ;
  • SEO and Social Media for Attorneys: I don&#39;t think it really matters how many times you use the picture, but if it is using the same image name, and location folder, you only get SEO credit for one of the images. We have an image server that individually names each one of the images. So, technically I can use the same image over and over, but it is named and called something different each time. using a wordpress plugin is a little more difficult because generally you only have one file location, name, etc. One thing to consider is that any &quot;search juice&quot; the picture has will be split among both the thumbnail and original image.
  • W.E. Jonk: No problem I asked for an example.<br /><br />I don&#39;t see any issue with it. You use the featured image on the category pages and you don&#39;t serve them on the article page. The featured image is also in the Pin share URL. To me it is fine. ;<br /><br />With regard to the thumbnail it is common practise and all over the internet. It is better (or best practise) to serve a thumbnail image then serving a full image and scale it down due to page speed. Imo you are doing it right. ;<br /><br />Besides that image search isn&#39;t really that is attractive these days. I heard many experts say that it might not be worth to pursue image search traffic.
  • Chris M Cloutier:  ;I had a feeling I was doing it right.  ;I don&#39;t usually like to have the image in the article because it wants to put it top left.  ;To me that creates difficulty or readers.  ;Thank you for your time, and for helping me so much.  ;
  • Chris M Cloutier:  ;That is interesting, I had never thought about different folders.  ;Thats something I&#39;ll definitely keep in mind. Thanks for the info.
  • Ranu Jain: Yeah I too would say the same thing that using the same images should not be a problem. As &quot;Alt&quot; tag is very important for an image, so try to keep it different. ;
  • David Harry: Wait...what? What exactly would be the problem here? Nada. Where&#39;s my $5?
  • Chris M Cloutier:  ;lmao.  ;You had to be here yesterday to get your share.  ;It took me 9 hours to figure out to divide $10 3 ways, now you want me to start all over...great!
  • W.E. Jonk: Or you can send  ;a bottle of wine? The address is on his profile ;-)
  • Chris M Cloutier: Done. But only if he drinks it during a hangout.  ;That&#39;d be great
  • David Harry: Uhm... we&#39;re supposed to be sober during Hangouts? Huh... now ya tell me
  • Chris M Cloutier: Ah Ha!  ;I knew you were too laid back for a SEO Guy.  ;And when you started talking about hummingbird, panda, penguin, caffeine, mocha cafe coca latte without pulling your hair out...I KNEW IT!!  ; :P
  • Jim Munro: I have wine here I have not even drunk yet. Make a donation somewhere and we can all feel good, Chris. :)
  • Chris M Cloutier: I definitely will Jim.  ;I&#39;d like to help out DSQ, but I see nowhere to do that.  ;You should bring it up at the next H/o

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