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Thought re: SEO in the Year 2014?

It is almost the end of 2013, wrapping up the year and gearing up for 2014. Here what I have thought of SEO in the Year 2014. Need your inputs, please feel free to contribute and discuss your points.
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Matt Raynes: I'm too busy wrapping up September to think about next year already!
  • Randy Smith: If Google doesn&#39;t do something about disappearing keyword data, people  ;MIGHT start a move to other search engines. The encrypted data has some people really angry, and Google isn&#39;t budging...<br /><br />Bold prediction: Say bye to Tweets&#39; impact on SEO, they will be treated like the glorified nofollow links they really are by the end of the year
  • David Harry: Uhm.... ;<br /><br />1. The only people angry about KW data are the SEOs. Google could care less<br /><br />2. Tweets... really?
  • Randy Smith: Well the question was about the future of SEO, so the thoughts of SEO experts and their future actions would be at least somewhat relevant, wouldn&#39;t you agree? And this was a prediction, the fallout on say, the marketing industry has yet to be seen. A lot of people don&#39;t KNOW about the kw issue yet...<br /><br />I admit the Twitter prediction was bold, and would like to thank you for your insightful and well thought out reply
  • Matt Raynes: Surely &quot;SEO experts&quot; KNOW about the kw issue?  ;I would lean more toward dumb rather than bold with the twitter prediction, but hey you&#39;re in the right place.
  • Randy Smith: When you think about it, Tweets are nofollow links that you don&#39;t even need a website to post. And I have been seeing an increase of people selling Tweets, and an increase in spam on Twitter in general. Kind of looks like blogs and forums did a half a year pre-Panda/Penguin .
  • David Harry: &quot;would like to thank you for your insightful and well thought out reply&quot; ;<br /><br />WTF? Is this a kiddie forum for a video game? Show a little respect junior.<br /><br />So, let me get this straight. Because a bunch of spammers are ramping up selling crap social status updates, that means they certainly must be worth something? Ya might wanna bone up on yer critical thinking my friend. ;<br /><br />Spamming the social graph not only can cause a bit of an ORM nightmare for a legitimate entity, but also shows an inherent ignorance as to how Google treats the social graph. ;
  • Randy Smith: Would you have said the same about forum commenting, guest blogging, Aol, or say, Myspace, back when they were popular? Things change on the net. Sorry that my wild shot in the dark was so provocative, I&#39;ll stick to making only safe and bland guesses from now on. Hey whatever, I wasn&#39;t the one who started in with the disparaging attitude.<br /><br />And I also don&#39;t hear any of your thoughts on the future of SEO, easy to pick apart others when you don&#39;t have a guess of your own to defend.
  • Randy Smith: And the way Google treats anything is not exactly constant right now. But do me a favor, if you have such a valid argument, stick to that. Insults are for people who are out of other points to make. ;<br />I take it back, you DID make a prediction of a sort. You are making an implied assumption that Google will not change the way it handles social signals for the next year. Is that your theory?
  • David Harry: Oh please bro... Yer obviously new around SEO. I have no time to answer folks that have an attitude that is only grossly matched by their ignorance towards the evolution of search. I&#39;ve been in the game since 1998 and indeed know my sh*t. Who&#39;da seen Hummingbird coming? Hmmmm... oh right, I was writing about semantic analysis back in 2010... ;<br /><br /><br />Ya feel me? Yer &#39;bland guess&#39; was not the problem, it was the ignorance it showed. If you&#39;re so sure that Google is using tweets as a ranking signal, and an important one as implied, then please do show us a little back up with data. ;<br /><br />And hey, while we&#39;re at it... when you can talk to me about how a search engine actually works, then maybe you can start making whacky suppositions.  ;Not entirely sure how they work? Then back to school my brother. Maybe this page I recently re-wrote for SEW would be a great place to start.<br /><br /><br /><br />Again, I don&#39;t deal with trolls. This ain&#39;t high school nor is it a gaming forum. Those of us that have been around a while, have respect for those that came before us. Try it some time. While I am often a dick, I do spend a GREAT DEAL of my time giving to the SEO community. You might want to try a different approach/attitude if you truly want to learn.<br /><br />l8tr and good luck with everything. ;
  • Randy Smith: Look I called it a guess, you came in to the conversation and started insulting me. So it was dumb, explain it or walk, is all I ask. And you STILL have yet to make a prediction, which was the subject of the post. Let&#39;s see, you didn&#39;t answer the question, and started out with nastiness. I made a stupid guess, got insulted, made a dry remark in response. Then I tried to defend it, wasi nsulted and was informed (in detail) about your admittedly impressive resume as a response to my arguments. I&#39;m the troll? ;
  • Randy Smith: I guess I am too stupid for this community. Good luck to you all

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