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Has anyone felt any impact from Hummingbird yet?

Anyone felt any impact from Hummingbird yet?  Will expanding out a blog in your niche that now typically points to answer questions directly/relating to your niche be the next big content thing?

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  • Aamir Siddiqui: Yes you can also count on this strategy with other niche bloggers but always just stay away form blog -farms as it has been highly penalized by Google in its latest updates. Humming Bird is a good update by Google which is mostly emphasized on the conversational search and how the quality of search queries has been refined since time.
  • Dave Elliott: I've not noticed too much on clients sites. FAQ pages all seem to be performing slightly better in the last two month  ;than the previous 6 though. No idea if this is random.
  • Aamir Siddiqui: You can also create a good FAQ and an Archive pages.
  • Matt Raynes: I thought that when I originally posted. Built out FAQ areas could become an important on-page factor. Hmmm, then a FAQ page could be built out further with additional links leading to internal pages that elaborate from basic points.... ;
  • Aamir Siddiqui: No-follow attributes are put on internal links now like sign up forms links and other pages.
  • Simon Fryer: I&#39;ve seen some positive change since hummingbird, particularly on sites where we have invested time and effort in quality service &amp; advice areas. I&#39;d hardly call informative content the next big thing though; most SEOs have been recommending this for years.<br /><br />Really hummingbird shouldn&#39;t impact your strategy at all. The only difference I would predict is that the specific keywords you&#39;re using will matter less; it&#39;s what you&#39;re actually saying that&#39;s important. It&#39;s a semantic change.<br /><br />
  • Matt Raynes:  ;That&#39;s great news regarding your results though I suggested building out existing content as opposed to &#39;call informative content the next big thing&#39;.  ;Would a FAQ section or blog that is enhanced aid a site more in the serps than what it may have done before?  ;<br />And yeah, keywords are great when used within a focus group.
  • Luke Ciciliano: The traffic on our clients&#39; sites has actually gone up over the last month or so . Hummingbird is going to be similar to the Panda update in the sense that any negative impact will mostly be felt by those with low quality content. ;
  • Simon Fryer: Its good, but It&#39;s hard to say its definitely a result of the update . I&#39;ve seen quite a lot of fluctuation in our data set over the last few months. Who knows what else is going on behind the scenes, so it&#39;s also difficult to say whether advice areas are any more beneficial. <br /><br />I suspect depth of content may become important though.

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