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What does this warning means in webmaster tools?

hi guys,

what does this warning means in webmaster?

(When we tested a sample of the URLs from your Sitemap, we found that some URLs were not accessible to Googlebot due to network timeouts. If this problem persists, please check the network availability of your DNS and web servers. All accessible URLs will still be submitted.)

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  • Andy Wigglesworth: At a guess, and you'd have to try and check your server logs that some of your pages might have been a returning a 503 due to the hosting server being busy or temporarily unavailable - this can happen on busy shared servers (if you are on a shared server)?

    Are there any scripts/code that is taking a massive amount of time to load on any page?

    You can also send a request of to your hosting providers to see if they can see any DNS issue.
  • James Payne: Looks like the server your website is on is not responding to Google's requests fast enough.
  • john matthew: +Andy Wigglesworth ;Thanks Andy for such a detail reply much appreciated!
  • Andy Wigglesworth: No problem :)
  • Ranjana dhage: might be you placed some page in robot
    which are not accesing..
    otherwise check 404 page is their...
    Exclude these pages from your sitemap...
  • john matthew: +Ranjana dhage ;Thanks for your suggestion for looking the webmaster account from an other angle much appreciated! ;
  • Ranu Jain: To add to the above replies, there are chances that ;

    - The pages are either password protected or are denied via robots.txt.  ;

    - There might be a network issues with your VPS and downtime and when the Google bot comes to index your site, few page are not accessible. ;

    Would suggest to double check for the user-agent Googlebot as well as an rDNS lookup for verification.
  • Cole Hollingsworth: Or that you removed pages prior to the sitemaps submission being complete.

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