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so how alexa rankes work for a website?

so how alexa rankes work for a website?

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  • Kiran varma: so how alexa rankes work for a website ;
  • Edwin Jonk: From the expert panel in this weeks SEO Questions hangout on air on 00:46:08 into the YouTube video: +

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  • Eric Bryant: + The answer to your question is: It doesn't.
  • Kiran varma: then why people buying alexa rank
  • Eric Bryant: + b/c they don't know any better. Alexa has never been a valid source of data for SEO purposes, it's always been gamed. Just do a Google search for "Is Alexa Rank accurate". Moz, SEObook, SEW - all the SEO authorities say don't waste your time with Alexa Rank.

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