Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 94

Thursday, July 24, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 94 Hangout On Air Video
00:02:59Question about Facebook algorithm in links3
00:06:48My Website shows random pages for a particular search keyword. What can be the reason?
00:11:34Is it fine to share same blog or content in multiple social medias?
00:14:07Does including a paragraph in the footer help seo at all?
00:18:58What to do to convert 10 old pages from well-ranking website into Wordpress?
00:21:09Is this an SEO friendly way to reset some session variables before the page loads?
00:22:14Can Anyone guide me how to bring 100 visitors on our website daily?
00:27:20How to Fix Possible Outages Reported by Google Webmaster Forum?5
00:32:02Hierarchical multi domain structure versus one centered domain
00:36:18 I want to direct my domain from http to https. Will this cause any SEO issues?5
00:38:50I have a question regarding Google plus Verified Name
00:43:35I recently moved my business, should I change my address in Yahoo or Bing?3
01:49:30Why google.fr, google.co.in, google.de is shown in my refrrel traffic of google analytics?
01:50:37There is a group of website that is losing ranking no matter what is done
01:53:23Our Google Plus page doesn`t appear in the right hand side of the SERPS anymore
01:59:56What is the most frequently requested services from SEO companies?
02:06:12What Should I do if I Want to Change Domain Name?
02:11:02Does anyone know of any Algorithm changes that were scheduled for this weekend?
02:14:54I can not edit my robots.txt file, please help
02:15:46SEO Question About CHanging URL Structure
02:17:09How To Have Content Syndicated Without Being Penalized?
02:28:07In my case rename NAP to PAWN
02:31:43Does schema.org and scamatic mark up on sites have a big impact on SEO?
02:34:44I am having trouble indexing videos from my sitemap on Google
02:40:57Is it ok to have the blog in Hindi language but url, meta title and meta desc are in english?
02:42:38I need advice on how to maximize SEO Efforts for small website
02:47:20How come different browsers give different results for business rankings?
02:48:38Is there any benefit when blog comment automatically posted on social media websites?
02:50:32Does anyone know how Google would handle the multiple H1`s from an SEO POV?