Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 71.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 71. Hangout On Air Video
00:02:26Do you have any free extension for "seo click heat"?
00:08:04Should I ask the NHS to remove a link to my client`s site?
00:15:47What is a reasonable client to SEO specialist ratio?
00:25:53My question is about domains with hyphens.
00:28:34"Some data in this report may have been removed when a threshold was applied."
00:29:58I am looking for those experienced in disavow.
00:37:07Which topics are covered in SEO?
00:46:35Please suggest a way to boost traffic organically.
00:53:08Are Exact Match domains still valuable or not?
00:55:25Which rating service should we use?
00:59:35Has anyone good experience with parallax scrolling & SEO?
01:03:19I have many errors in my Structured Data Webmaster Tools dashboard.
01:05:11How to pin a location in the menu and then go to the practice areas for that specific location?
01:08:07Will the person who does not set the location search settings see results just as if it were set?
01:17:07Is it possible in robots.txt to direct a user agent to the HTTPS version of a site?
01:19:37How do I keyword an image on Google plus?
01:26:06Should I link our .ie site and .co.uk site?
01:30:00What social media sharing tool do you recommend?
01:32:43Can I add keywords into the page title every product in an online jewellery store?
01:34:43My impressions peaked the day after relaunch, and have been steadily declining. What`s wrong?
01:36:50What is the best way to deal with a page that turns out to be a "dud"?
01:39:27Please recommend some basic articles or videos for SEO.
01:40:57How do RSS feeds affect SEO?
01:44:16Can someone explain to me why people scrape and republish websites?
01:45:39Is there a way to report spammy practices?
01:47:59Is there a relationship between the number of google + followers that you have and SEO?
01:56:24Does anybody know of a website or have instructions to get my picture to appear on Bing search engine?
01:58:32I am creating a fully-fledged tech blog.
02:06:51What is the best tool/website for checking the history of a domain name?
02:11:36I have an SEO question regarding the H1 Tag.
02:42:00Should Google apply/adhere to ethical principles or not?
02:46:40Utilizing Google Plus as a Business Tactic First - The Data Marketeer