Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 97.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 97. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:55Which one is better in term of SEO: a sub-directory or a sub-domain?
00:04:32Does CSS Design Affect the Website Effectiveness in term of SEO?
00:09:20Does google plus , facebook and twitter really helps in rankings?
00:12:53Can anyone help me in knowing where and how to track blog circulation?
00:19:21Any suggestions on how to got 10 % increased visits for every month?
00:23:54What is "Reserve SEO" exactly?
00:33:06I feel like I have been penalized for even trying, and it`s frustrating. What can I do to change this situation?
00:46:08so how alexa rankes work for a website?
00:50:39When to tell Google Webmaster Tools that domain has moved?
00:53:00 Should move all the sites to HTTPS, since this is a ranking signal now?
00:56:17What will happen if I don`t provide meta description to the webpages of my site?5
01:00:37The "change of address" feature in GWT only work with root domain, how can I use it for sub-domain?
01:03:40Please give me suggestions on how to improve the page loading speed
01:06:09I am having trouble deciding on my strategy for keywords, please help
01:10:09I have around 10 new dofollow links from a PR5 business directory, is it safe? Or I could be penalized by google?
01:13:16One of my website keyword has been coming in 4th page, what should i do to improve the position?
01:15:49Anyone know of a decent multilingual sitemap maker?
01:18:21Can anyone tell me how to exclude traffic from this site?
01:24:28Is it okay just to approve the ping back or is there something else I should be doing?
01:26:49When I include "www" after the "site:" operator, it shows zero indexed result but I see results with the "www" omitted, how is that possible?
01:28:36I need feedback in how I can better tailor my site for SEO and potential advertising
01:36:57I would like to know what are backlinks? Is the internal linking called backlinks or links we post on social networking sites?
01:38:41Do you think this is okay to publish two articles with the same keywords on diferent blogs? Probably even the same title?
01:45:40I have a quick question: Does bad online reviews influence PPC?5
01:49:04What are the new techniques in 2014 to optimize a website and driving traffic?
01:56:47Please show me how to optimize my keywords
01:59:45Is there any way to hide my site from the enemy like a Klingon anti cloaking app?
02:01:26Do directory listings still useful now in SEO or not much to get ranked?4
02:03:11Hi there, I was just wondering how to build links in a safe way, any thoughts?
02:12:43 I need to know is that possible to put button +1 to my company profile?
02:14:48Would implementing of HREFLANG allow sites to auto-translate and then allow them to still be shown to Google?