Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 89.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 89. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:45Why would a website lose rankings?
00:10:08What is the difference between "google local" and " google my business"?
00:15:23What is duplicate content?
00:19:23If I permanently redirect (301) my old url.
00:26:43I want to show that videos on 2 different websites.
00:28:42How do we tackle copied content?
00:33:34 No content except for a privacy policy, yet it has a PR3.
00:35:51What should I concentrate on for SEO?
00:38:33Transferring from a co.uk domain to a .london domain.
00:42:59What is your opinion of the Moz products?
00:45:31How to conduct an effective pay per lead campaign for an online B2B marketplace?
00:48:28Is it worth going back and retrospectively adding meta tags?
00:54:44This website is not indexed in Google.
01:03:14I have a client who wants more comments on his site.
01:06:56A fix for 50K 404 Errors in Webmaster Tools?
01:10:45Running same website on all domains.5
01:19:30Can anyone recommend a decent RDF metadata plugin for Wordpress?
01:20:48Are Google`s descriptions getting shorter?
01:22:36If guest blogging is dead, what do we do to build links?
01:29:13Which works better (buttons known to the user or buttons in harmony with the design)?
01:31:14Is it possible for a competitor to use autobots to submit another competitors backlinks to low quality sites?3
01:35:53How many authorship photos will display?
01:41:43Please suggest techniques to boost this page.
01:59:30Consider a way to implement negative keyword requests.
02:04:17Is there a tool that can provide search volume/trends by time of day?
02:08:07What are your thoughts about using the keywords meta tag?
02:12:37We have added a reference link to your site from this question`s page.
02:14:07How to SEO a post on Pinterest?
02:17:52Site maps created for different categories.
02:21:51I am trying to rank for certain service area spanning 2 counties.