Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 51.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 51. Hangout On Air Video
00:01:43Guest blogging - is this a worthwhile activity or a waste of time?5
00:08:34Suggestions for the best tool to check positions on Google?
00:11:06Should I use "site designed by" links?
00:26:4919 SEO companies fined for creating fake reviews.
00:29:51Is it bad if your website`s anchor text backlinks are your website`s brand name only?
00:33:16Are errors in the knowledge graph significant?
00:36:30Has anyone else notice "Not Provided" jump in their Google Analytics?
00:36:40Any suggestions on how to deal with the not provided issues?
00:36:44How do you deal with the "not provided" web analytics problem?
00:37:22Is anyone switching analytics software today?
00:49:09What Social Media signals are search engines thought to be using in the SERPS?
00:54:04Do you find Google Webmaster Tools data less valuable than the data in Google Analytics?
01:14:17What is your opinion of LogMyCalls or other call tracking services?
01:19:49What is the true meaning of Bounce Rate.
01:27:56Does PPC affect SEO?
01:31:50Should I be scared of lost sitewide links after a partnership with another website ended?
01:33:17Is email marketing dead?
01:47:28What would be the best way to market a website for SEO targeting many countries?
01:54:13What is your view on landing pages with hardly any navigation links?
02:07:50How to name product pages?
02:13:37Will this sort of reciprocal linking help or hurt with Google?
02:24:00What are your thoughts on suggestions from Google Adsense?
02:27:39Can site-wide links could trigger a penalty for either source or recipient?
02:39:19What can I offer clients who are already doing most things right?