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What is your view on landing pages with hardly any navigation links?

Hello number ONE SEO community. I`m simply dying to find out your view on landing pages with hardly any navigation links. Such pages simply focus on call to action aspect and provide very limited view on overall value of the whole website. From my own experience such pages perform much worse than "normal" pages although they are very often recommended to use. Would you please disagree with me. Thanks a lot.

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  • Tony McCreath: As a user I&#39;d say sometimes a landing page works. <br /><br />If I&#39;m looking for something and the page I hit clearly states that it has the answer, then I keep going.<br /><br />The ones that work tend to be the one product businesses that put a lot of effort into that one page that sells.<br /><br />No effort landing pages like location pages just put me off. But then I know what they are trying.
  • Federico Sasso: When I stumble upon them as a user I&#39;m a sure bounce.<br /><br />My working experience on such pages is limited, I did what what I was asked but they did not perform well.<br />Many marketers do probably disagree, I see a lot more articles on (single) landing pages optimization and they claim great results. May be depends also on the good/service. If the offered good/service is something any user can understand without much reading, it might work better. Or may be it was my fault.<br /><br />The guys in a very big company I know are telling me they use them heavily and they outperform their site CR, but their site is so terrible anything would outperform it (besides they do not use any captcha/honeypot, they just count the conversions and CR without knowing how much of it is actually spam, nor have an idea of the goal value... go figure).<br /><br />To me having such a landing page is like approaching a woman asking her straight to bed, without even introducing yourself.<br />I personally like when the site encourages getting to know better the company and product/service, without being pushy.
  • Slawomir Zdunek: I think a page with hardly any links doesn&#39;t let the visitors build any trust in the website. If the page is closely integrated with the whole website it lets the visitors to look around to get to know more about the company and its services before deciding to use them. It is very difficult to build a trustworthy image of the company on a single page. But that&#39;s only my view on this topic. In my case the pages in question had the bounce rate 100% whereas the others much lower.
  • Slawomir Zdunek:  ;I agree with you 100%. My view on such landing pages is the same. I haven&#39;t seen many good landing pages. To me they are too flashy with too many elements distracting your attention instead of attracting your attention. They are overloaded with the content and too overwhelming for the users.
  • Dave Elliott: depends what its for, if its part of an email campaign or competition or advertising or something then fine. If its click bait for search engines then its a bad thing. If i found a page of that ilk ranking above a &quot;proper&quot; page i&#39;d put a lot of effort into getting another page to rank and even consider de-indexing the landing page. 
  • Justin Y: Agreed, it depends on the medium. Sometimes it&#39;s better to have less distraction on a landing page to deliver a clear message and keep the focus. Not always do you need to include the full nav, a button to the home page or a learn more option should do the same job. 
  • Rob Wagner: I don&#39;t use a full nav on PPC landing pages. Typically I put the home, contact us, and about page links on the landing page but that is about it. I find that those pages with less chooses convert better, less distractions I suppose. However, I will bounce if I find a page with no nav in the organic listings. ;<br /><br />You don&#39;t have to guess, you can run some split testing and determine what converts best for a particular site. ;Tim Ash has some good information about landing pages. He also developed the &quot;7 deadly sins of landing page design&quot; and wrote  ;a book &quot;Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions&quot;. I use his advice all the time as a starting point. Just my 2 cents.
  • Justin Y: I agree, a/b test is the way to go. 

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