Dumb SEO Questions

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 251

Thursday, August 17, 2017

SEO: Dumb SEO Questions 251 Hangout On Air Video
00:01:20Mega page with more than 15, 000 words0
00:06:36Google Review content as testimonial page0
00:09:09Can 2 pages on the top 10 have the same title in the serps?0
00:10:53Suggestions required - Ticketing website0
00:18:48Theatre or Theater?0
00:21:44Mobile responsive or a separate mobile site?0
00:24:53Does Geotagging images help you rank better?0
00:28:16Microsites on a different domain to their main site0
00:30:18Call Google and tell them people are searching for ME!0
00:30:54What do you use to test a specific url?0
00:32:06Using product markup to review your own products0
00:34:04SEO for micro niche blog0
00:40:25Does "Pingler.com" help in SEO results?0
00:41:17Please suggest me something...no improvement for two months0
00:53:25I need free Bulk DA checker0
00:58:28What is long tail keywords? Is good or bad for SEO?0
01:05:16No follow on top navigation0
01:07:42Changing the date of publication everytime you update it0
01:09:23A strong tag within a h1 tag0
01:10:57Should I noindex the dozens of city specific pages a site has?0
01:15:55Traffic dips today?0
01:16:18Is "Content Length" a ranking factor?0
01:18:52Featured Snippet update0
01:20:14Schema for Events0
01:22:37Private "Whois" is it good or bad for SEO?0
01:24:11I have a question that falls into image or technical SEO0
01:29:22How do you know when you are receiving a demotion from a specific algorithm?0
01:34:43Separate mobile version and duplicate content0
01:37:17Will translated content be penalized for being duplicate content?0
01:38:48Outgoing link to a poker site0
01:39:09Any of you heard of TrustPilot?0
01:41:28UK variation in schema for zip ie postcode0
01:44:12What`s your strategy for finding new clients?0
01:46:57Do I need canonical url for unduplicated pages?0