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Changing the date of publication everytime you update it

Another dumb seo question> Is it a good idea to change the date of publication of your homepage in wordpress everytime you update it with new text? Thanks !
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  • Micah Fisher-Kirshner: On each crawl to your home page, Google will know the textual changes made, so there`s no real need to address that.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Changing the publication date is an artificial form of manipulation. There is only one publication date. There is a "last modified" tag, however Google ignores it.
  • Jeremy L. Knauff: Google can tell when it was last updated because they have the last version cached. And they likely store every version they`ve ever cached. So you`re making unnecessary work for yourself that has no benefit.
  • Loren Baker: Do Not change pub date if there is no content update. Have seen sites drop dramatically for that as it`s a recognized form of manipulation. Only change when content (maybe 20%) has been updated and ALWAYS include an "this post was updated on <date>" sentence.

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