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Is "Content Length" a ranking factor?

Is "Content Length" a ranking factor?
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  • Jobin John: https://moz.com/blog/blog-post-length-frequency This was definitely an eye opener.
  • Kristine Schachinger: Length matters. Not a ranking factor. Should be answering the query in the most natural way possible.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Length itself is not a factor. Is the content long enough to properly match the needs of the searcher and are all of the signals related to quality, relevance, and trust that also get considered, supportive enough to justify the page or post being ranked compared to other pages or posts targeting the same query?
  • Bill Slawski: Needs to be long enough to meet the situational and informational needs of a searcher, to make them satisfied that they spent time looking for and finding your page. If they then would consider sharing it by linking to it, or sharing in social media even better.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Thin content, purely from a content volume perspective, can be perfectly valid, or wholly insufficient.
  • Jobin John: Thanx a ton Jesse McDonald for pointing me to Moz Whiteboard Friday... found the post and this was exactly what I needed.
  • John Albin: There is a correlation with quality content and longer length, but zero causation. Even Google themselves have admitted this
  • Frank Watson: Dies not impact - though Google has patent on fact inclusion as a ranking factor - no indication if being used yet
  • Jesse McDonald: Alan absolutely hit the nail on the head. Content length should 100% be determined by answering the search query appropriately. This last Moz Whiteboard Friday was actually about this. Go check it out if you still want more info on the subject.
  • Kim Krause Berg: Alan Bleiweiss has it with his point about meeting the need of the searcher. What`s missing from the replies is an understanding of that searcher. What mental or emotional state are they in when reading? Cognition. If target reader is older or very young content recall is a consideration. Terms used. Taxonomies. Purpose. Text to voice is one. We talk to machines. Ask a question. Get an answer. Expect it to correct. But sometimes we must add clarifiers to arrive at the precise response we need. It`s way beyond ranking. It`s being a mind reader for unpredictable humans.
  • David Kutcher: Only in willy wagging.
  • Gregory Dantschotter: Not a ranking factor itself, but depending on the competition. Try to create better/longer content then your competitors. But make sure it`s relevant and people don`t bounce. Google uses bounce rate as a factor to rank pages.
  • John Albin: Content length is absolutely 100% -not- a ranking factor
  • Eddy D Bautista: Length is always a factor 😉
  • Jobin John: Thank you Alan Bleiweiss appreciate it.
  • John Albin: Recent tweet from John Mueller
  • Bill Slawski: Sometimes 302 words is enough to answer a question. I`ve also seen pages that contain about 300 words of boilerplate that doesn`t answer questions or tell a searcher any answers to questions they might have; Not all 302 words are equal.

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