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Which of googles algorithms measure user metrics?

Anyone have any idea on which of googles algorithms measure user metrics and what user metrics google actually looks at (besides humming bird or rank brain user intent metrics which I’m assuming correlate with click through rates)
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  • David Harry: Ok, the problem with that is we don`t really know if they use implicit and explicit user feedback for ranking. It might be more about search quality and other measurements. So, don`tgo nuts with this list. But here`s some areas they might look at; Explicit user feedback are when a user takes and action. Adds to favs, shares etc... Implicit, are things such as; Query history (search history) SERP interaction (clicks, query revisions, selections and bounce rates) User document behaviour (time on page/site, scrolling behaviour); Surfing habits (frequency and time of day) Interactions with advertising Demographic and geographic Data from different application (application focus — IM, email, reader); Closing a window. You get the idea... anyway, we don`t reall know how they`d use stuff like that...
  • David Harry: and NO... lol. RankBrain and HummingBird have NOTHING to do with that kinda stuff
  • Roger Montti: It`s not really about updating the SERPs as it is more for updating the algorithm to satisfy users. But a lot of that was research from 2005ish, for desktop. Click research doesn`t work in mobile. So there are now different methodologies for not only measuring mobile satisfaction rates but actually predicting it, too.
  • Jim Munro: I think you might be barking down the wrong rabbit-hole, Chase. David and Roger have given you good honest answers but what use can this information be put to? Of course, elsewhere you`ll find all kinds of spurious claims. They might sparkle more than the boring stuff you`ll find on this community, but that`s a life-choice you`ll have to make for yourself.
  • Jason Duke: I`m pretty sure it might be one of these... http://bit.ly/2D6jxrl

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