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Is it worth pushing everything to amp yet?

Is it worth pushing everything to amp yet?

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  • Azeem: amp is not showing navigation or complete site as mobile friendly theme user view just one page and close your site
  • Bradley Shaw: Yet to hear of an seo who moved a client to amp with much positive to say
  • Ammon Johns: That`s way too open a question with no information about the business model, customer demographic, technical aptitude of webmaster, and innovative capabilities to overcome issues to answer in ANY meaningful way.
  • Loren Baker: About to move into Progressive Web App for SEJ. Gonna document the transition and its benefits.
  • Gerry White: Amp the best analysis I’ve seen is by Barry Adams so take a look at his slides on slide share and his blog posts
  • David Harry: Yea as with all things, it can be situational. For a good start, look into the analytics as far as mobile V desktop and the various devices. If it makes sense for the client site, then fer sure we`ve started to advise folks to start planning for the change. But again, it`s often a call we make on a site by site basis
  • Rob Watts: Depends on the niche and the platform. Sometimes it’s a pissy easy implementation and sometimes it isn’t. If your niche is full of it or increasing in AMP visibility then get in there. If you do, then look for ways of increasing the likelihood of people going deeper into your domain rather than Google’s. Some query spaces have virtually no amp results. Outside of preemptive speculation why would you spend x hours creating new templates for stuff that probably won’t get any air time anyway. So, for me there’s no one size fits all answer either.
  • Michael Martinez: Unless you need to get listings into a carousel there isn`t any benefit AMP offers you that you cannot provide yourself, except that Google hosts your content for free on its AMP servers.
  • Richard Hearne: AMP to date has been very focused on article-type documents, and building navigational pages is AMP isn`t where it needs to be yet IMO. There are also many things AMP isn`t good for, so if your site is very interactive then AMP probably isn`t suited as it stands today. Other areas to consider where AMP is still immature: * Analytics tracking * Handling highly dynamic content * Session handling when loaded from third parties (e.g. Google cache)
  • Saurav Sett: Chase Reiner Seo I find it to be a sub par experience currently best suited to articles. There`s more to the internet than just fast loading pages for mobile. The effect of AMP for lead generation or earning revenue via ads etc. isn`t very positive. It makes for boring landing pages :)

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