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The quickest things to do to show up in search results

With a brand new website what are the quickest things to do to show up in search results?
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Jason Duke: Hire an experienced SEO and give them free rein and budget.
  • Jason Mun: Get the website verified with Google Search Console. Fetch and render, index all linked pages. Quickest method to get noticed. Then the put in the hard work and optimise, test, refine and rinse and repeat.
  • Toka Janelidze: 1)Optimize on-page SEO 2)Add in GSC and submit sitemap 3)Share in social media and build some related links
  • Gerry White: tweet it (used to work amazingly)
  • David Ogletree: New sites get a little boost just for being new but then fall back down
  • David Ogletree: Look up inbound marketing
  • Neeraj Kumar: 1. Check how it renders on mobile and optimize, if necessary. 2. Check pagespeed and see what suggestions you got and implement. 3. Do add meta title, meta description, interal linking, add a updated html sitemap. 4. Submit xml sitemap to search engines. Adding 5. Fetch all pages and render. Etc. Etc.
  • Jason Knott: Thanks for all the info. I will give what I can figure out a try
  • Roma Alloui: Jason Knott Sorry but there is no secret formula to have your site show up quickly in search results. However, I do have some good and time tested ingredients that can help you achieve top ranking, and they are: Some knowledge of SEO, quality hosting (not cheap hosting) quality and relevant content focused on your users/readers/customers and not mostly search engines, properly implement ethical on-page and technical SEO techniques, make sure your website is responsive and as fast as it can be (3 seconds if not less), get involve in social media platform (within your niche), help others and answer questions related to your niche, plus many more to list them all here.

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