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Report spammy links

I found a bunch of websites created specially to lower website ranking with their spammy links. Is there a way to take them down or report them?
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  • Jim Munro: Sadly, I don`t think Google could care less. I hope I am wrong, Toka. :)
  • David Ogletree: I thought Google was no longer penalizing a site based on links. Didn’t they say they just don’t count them as a benefit? It never made sense to give penalties and allow negative SEO to exist.
  • Michael Stricker: Report them to their ISPs. Check your server logs and see if they are doing any probing attacks or DDoS, and report THAT to their ISPs, it will be more meaningful than, “they linked to my sites”.
  • Steve Gerencser: Too many people misunderstand cause and effect. You were not penalized for having those links. What had happened was that the links WERE working and helping you rank higher than you should. When Google discovered the links they took away the value that those links were providing and your site returned to where it belonged without those links. It may "look" like a penalty, but it isn`t, it is simply the removal of the boost that those links were providing to you before Google decided to remove the value. It may "look" like a penalty, but it isn`t.
  • Jim Munro: Over the years, I have sometimes found that those who doubt the power of Negative SEO have not been hit by it or had a client hit by it. I don`t want to belittle anyone`s beliefs nor do I want to get into an argument that none of us can win but I do want to say that negative seo has never been handled honestly or ethically by Google while their search engine is the only one that can dramatically kneecap a bona fide site as a consequence of a trivial attack.
  • George G.: disavow and be done with it.

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